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07-10-2012, 01:10 PM
This was one of the two hardest missions in the game for me. The mech I wound up S-ranking it on Hard was VERY counterintuitive.

I started out trying to build a light, fast Next with a very long boosting capability to try to speed through the level ignoring most of the turret enemies and just destroying the generators and hightailing it out. This was the technique advised in an S-ranking guide I found. This failed for me though, numberous times. The damn turret enemies always tore me a new rear end on my way out.

So I decided to build one of the biggest, highest armored mechs I could that still had a strong enough boost to get its fat butt up the long vertical tunnel on the way out.

Here's what I came up with.

Rarm - Moonlight laser blade
Rback - Ogoto grenade cannon
Lback - Ogoto grenade cannon
Shoulder - ASB-0710 add side booster
Head- Ekhazar - Middle
Core - GAN01-SS-C - Heavy
Arms - ARGYROS/A - Heavy
Legs - GAN01-SS-L - Heavy
FCS - 061AN05 (could probably take a shorter ranged, faster lockon one)
Generator - GAN01-SS-G - Heavy
Main booster - ARGYROS/M - Heavy
Back booster - GAN01-SS-B.CG - Heavy
Side booster - SB128-SCHEDAR - Heavy
Overed - GAN02-NSS-O.CG - Middle

Max Energy Capacity
Max Energy Output
Max Maneuverability
Max Lock Speed
Max Horizontal Thrust
Max Vertical Thrust
Max Quick Boost

Drop down at the beginning and grenade the turrets. Boost forward, drop down and grenade the next set. Boost ahead into the room with the 3 exits to the generators. Grenade ALL enemies here. Go into the left exit, grenade the enemy(s) and drop down/destroy generator. Fly back up, go into door directly opposite, and repeat. Fly back up and take a right to the 3rd and final generator, kill the enemies. Go around to the back of the hole, opposite the door you came in and face the door you entered from. Drop down, hitting your jets as you near the bottom, and grenade the generator as you start to hover back up.

You start the mission with my armor setup with around 56k life. You should still have 49-50k at this point. Fly back up and head straight out and straight across to the exit. Switch your RIGHT arm to the Moonblade laser sword, leaving your left arm as the Ogoto to destroy turrets. Don't go too slow but don't rush this hallway. Kill the turrets. When you reach the door, blade it and immediately begin flying straight up, ignoring the enemies at the bottom of the shaft. If you run out of booster on the way up, land on one of the little grey lips on the side of the shaft and push into the wall, tapping your booster a little to keep you on the ledge while it refills. Fly up to the top and exit into the next tunnel. Boost past all these enemies and blade the door open. Go into this shaft and the mission ends.

I finished with around 40k/56k life and got my S-rank finally. People think this mission is largely time based but your remaining armor/life points at the end DO affect it.

11-24-2014, 09:44 AM
Nice work.

Too bad not enough people play to appreciate.