View Full Version : Gold brick for all vehicles and/or Super Girl?

07-10-2012, 10:49 PM
I've got 245 Gold bricks. I only have level 15 to do on free play, and the bonus level. That should give me 4 gold bricks. 1 for the completed minikit, 1 for super hero, 1 for the last citizen in peril and 1 for the bonus level. So I'm concerned I'm going to be missing my final brick.

I know that 1 brick can't be a missing vehicle in Gotham city, because I've checked and I have all the vehicles apart from Wonder Woman's jet which I'll get for the minikit in level 15 and Harlequin's Motorbike, which I'll get for completing the game. Plus I can't see a single yellow dot on the map, other than the one for the bonus level.

So I'm wondering if you get a gold brick for having all the vehicles or getting Super Girl or something? Or is there something else that will give me it?
It's ok :D I thought the one in the fountain next to the bonus level entrance was where the bonus level gold brick appeared.