View Full Version : speedwall not updating

07-11-2012, 12:17 PM
with racing games like this I get very competitive and generally have to try and get first on leaderboards out of friends for everything.

so I went and re-did stage 3 as I was behind by a few seconds, smashed everyone else by 40+ secs and on the speedwall it still says I'm last by 20-ish seconds, I had my eye on the time comparison clock thing the whole time compared the previous/current leader, I was definitely a good solid 40+ secs ahead of him and should be first out of my friends, yet it's still saying I'm last with a really poor time

EDIT: just found out that I'm behind my friends in 6 stages, when the only time the friend comparison timer thingy was red, was during stages 3 and 4, I beat everyone on every other stage yet apparantly I'm 20-120 secs behind them all in almost every stage
they haven't gone back to it as everyone else I know traded this in before I even got it