View Full Version : John Riccitiello to be kicked?

07-13-2012, 01:54 AM

What do you think. Will he go? And if he does will there be changes in EA policies for the better of the customer?

shangri la27
07-13-2012, 04:23 AM
I heard he was gonna get the boot in favor of Peter Moore, and I've always respected PM. The general EA shit store and that nonsense about the "worst company in america" mustve gotten the board flustered. Silly internet.

The Rabbit Suit
07-13-2012, 04:35 AM
Wasn't there a couple of articles stating that Riccitiello job was not at stake and that the reference to it was just a bad joke between peers two days ago?

Was that completely thrown out? Looked like Riccitiello was in the clear.

shangri la27
07-13-2012, 04:51 AM
I hadnt heard that. Guess if it aint juicy noones reporting on it. Either way, I hadnt see any real news on reputable sources like IGN or Gamespot.