View Full Version : Cannot earn 2 Achievements after purchasing the Power Pack Add-On

07-14-2012, 07:53 PM
This year I got the EA Season Pass and noticed that it also gives you 20% off add-ons. I usually get the Dynasty Add-On because I tend to only play 2-3 seasons so I want to be able to use the perks immediately. I noticed that the Power Pack Add-On was only 1600 MSP which is about what the Dynasty Add-On usually is.

I decided to play RTG mode and when I got selected my University, it told me that I was 4th string. When I go to Depth Chart, I'm automatically 1st string even though my rating is 81 and the starter is 89. So I go back and look at the description in the Power Pack details. It gives you Max Coach Trust which prevents me from earning Take What's Mine (Win a position battle) and Earn My Trust (Coach Trust).

I tried moving the Power Pack save from my hard drive onto a memory stick so I could use it later, but the Power Pack features are still enabled. Even with the memory stick not plugged into my 360, I have the Power Pack perks. Is there anything else I need to remove from my 360 hard drive or are people who buy these add-ons screwed out of getting these achievements?

07-14-2012, 08:24 PM
The only way I could see changing this is completely deleting the whole saved file you have on your HDD and going from there. Maybe if that works gets the achieves then you can re-download the pack you bought.