View Full Version : Seriously, any tips on how to get the Desmond Howard achievement?

07-16-2012, 04:30 AM
Soon, I am about to have another go at this achievement for the SEVENTH TIME. :mad:

Before you go on and read further, you can laugh at me, because they were all on freshman difficulty, 100 sliders for me, and 0 sliders for CPU (except punting because I needed to return at least 1 PR).

The two humps I cannot get over: getting open and my CPU QB decides to SCRAMBLE. Can't count how many times I've wanted to ninja star my controller:woop: at my TV because of that. The only one I manage to even get green on "Chasing Desmond" is the PR for a TD.

The other hump is the god awful camera angle for the WR position.

Yes, I've looked at the few threads that gave you tips (including the sim one, but Desmond just doesn't even reach 950 when I sim on freshman), but they just didn't help for this achievement specifically. Any tips? If I could just get those two good games as Arkansas St. vs. the FCS teams, I would probably have gotten the cheevo by now, but the best game I've gotten vs. an FCS team was: 1 rec for 14 yards and I fumbled it too along the way just to add insult to injury. The QB NEVER passes the ball to me. Even if I let the CPU run my route for me and I'm open.

Lol, I feel like a sitting duck for not being able to get "what should be an easy cheevo".

07-16-2012, 05:34 AM
NEVER MIND. Apparently, turning OFF auto sprint helps 10 fold. Also, never knew why there was a big green A button above your head as Howard. Soon, I realized it was to call for the ball.

Lmao, unfortunately, it took me seven idiotic tries to get this cheevo.