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04-27-2006, 01:27 PM

I spoke with Neil (nobby) Barnden, Co-Founder of Stainless & Creative Director. And I asked him about his future Xbox live arcade title "Novadrome"
1-First of All, Can you tell us about your company Stainless Games?
Stainless Games is a company that’s a direct descendant of what was originally Stainless Software, set up on the
Isle of Wight, UK in the early 90’s by programmer Patrick Buckland and artist
Neil Barnden. We’re best known for our original ground-breaking controversial PC titles Carmageddon and Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now. The company today remains an independent developer with a small core team largely comprised of staff with many years at Stainless (10 years plus!), and has recently released an updated evolution of one of Patrick’s original games for the Apple Mac, “Crystal Quest”, on Xbox 360 LA.
2-Can you give us an overview of your Arcade Title "Novadrome"
Novadrome combines the fun of racing off road-style buggies with its setting on a distant, strange world and combat with the less-than welcoming locals. The basic back-story is that you the player have been abducted from Earth along with many other hapless humans, and taken to the planet Nova where you are forced to take part in sport for the amusement of the alien race – the ‘Novalords’. The game offers a variety of race and goal-based events, which can all be enjoyed either LAN or online multiplayer, or single player against cunning and skilful AI. During these events the player faces the threat of being fried by armed alien mercenaries who are beamed into the environment to spice up the proceedings. The aliens can be run down and their weapons grabbed (they automatically attach to your vehicle), then used either against the alien threat or the race opponents.
3-How long has Novadrome been in development?
Nova was an internal ‘filler’ project which was started in between other, commissioned commitments a couple of years ago. Versions of it were working on various platforms at various times, as it was used to continue development of our in-house ‘Beelzebub’ engine/API across PC, PS2, Xbox, PSP and then Xbox 360. But, as soon as we began work on a contracted title, Novadrome was put to one side. In the meantime it prompted interest from various publishers, but nothing took off or got to contract stage before Microsoft saw it, and requested that we release it on XBLA.
4-Will this game be Multi-Platformed?
No current plans to release it anywhere but on XBLA.
5-Can Novadrome be compared to any other game?
Well, I’ll leave that to readers of the description above to decide! Playing it, I can’t say it really compares directly to anything else I’ve seen.
6-How many different cars will be available?
There are 26 different vehicles, all of which have varying specs of size, shape, speed, grip, armour etc. These buggies are gradually unlocked during the course of a player’s career – as the events get tougher, the unlocked vehicles get correspondingly more capable. Then there are four Boss vehicles, and three secret vehicles that can be obtained.
7-Will this game have LIVE multiplayer?
Up to 8 players can complete online, with the numbers being made up by AI opponents (if desired).
8-How many Microsoft points will Novadrome cost?
I‘m afraid I can’t say yet. Still TBC.
9-Have you decided on what achievements will be unlocked in this game?
Only partly – because this is something that we find comes out easier in the final testing phase of the game. What a range of players find most fun, most challenging, difficult etc. will dictate what the achievements should be.
10-What makes this game exciting?
Its pace, the types of events, and the visual styling – it’s great eye candy but with really solid underpinnings of frantic, fun gameplay.
11-What will separate Novadrome from other Xbox live arcade titles?
There’s several great games on XBLA, but currently nothing else is comparable with Novadrome.
12-When will Novadrome be released?
Just as soon as we can. We’re hoping for a Q3 release at the latest.
13-What type of gamers is Novadrome directed to?
Everyone who has an Xbox 360. We hope it has really broad appeal – we’ve had it play-tested at various times by young players, up to the very old (hey, some of us at Stainless are in our 40’s..!), and it seems to be enjoyed by all.
Thank you Neil for your time and check out for updates

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