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07-20-2012, 02:54 AM
I mainly only play games on hardest but god damn this is tough, and its a disney game. I'm on buried passage at end and I can only manage to kill maybe 2 warthogs and one portal. Instead of calling it brave difficulty they should call it impossible difficulty. my hats off to all who beat it, cause i'm thinking of lowering the difficulty

07-20-2012, 04:24 AM
I recommend you to play coop, the las big pig make me sweet , buy finally I got my 1000 points

07-26-2012, 10:50 PM
LOL I was in a party wih a friend when I was complanning about how hard some parts of this game is and he just lol'd. But yea the ice boar boss at the end of the game and the golem boss at the end of stage 5 or 6 were a pain in the ass for sure on Brave difficulty. So many random things that can kill you which was the most frustrating parts of those fights.

Just abuse the roll (left trigger) and fall off the map if you have to cause you take less damage doing that then taking a hit from the boss (which usually takes 75% of your health). Hope that helps!!

07-28-2012, 10:13 PM
After feeling your pain on this level- I finally got through it like this---
As soon as I landed, I dodged to the front round rock thing, quick used charged wind on it to destroy it. Then dodged to the upper right one, then middle, then left using the charged wind. I did it so fast that last time (don't know how this happened) but not one big stone guy spawned, just a couple smaller running things. Killed those and then just stood there shooting wind arrows at the big rock guy while jumping when he threw the rock. Only died like 16 million times befoore I figured that out!! Good luck!! Greg

08-25-2012, 11:15 PM
Here's how I did it: if you have died once you will respawn next to the launch pad that you need to hit Wind to be able to jump up onto the pad. Wait until the graphic in top left of screen disappears before you hit Y to launch yourself. This will land you just after the giant golem throws a rock. If u launch too soon he kills you as soon as you land.

Immediately charge up your wind arrows & shoot them toward the 3 floating spawn circles the one side.this will momentarily stun the pigs. Hit LT & slide over to the closest of 3 floating circles. Start flail-spamming X & A by the closest circle & the pigs which usually there'll be 3 stone pigs. Keep jumping & hitting X.

In order for this to work you'll require some luck, unfortunately. So if the stone pigs drop 1or 2 health potions you have a decent chance. By this point you should be able to use the B button for more arrows. Go counterclockwise around the 3 spawncircles. Try to Slide (LT) & jump (A) to the back side of circles & hit each a few times with X especially with X & A combo--so continue to jump. If possible hit the smaller stone golems with X & A from behind. Do not linger at any spot or you are dead. Quickly rotate to the 3rd spawn circle & golem. Then jump & slide to the 4th spawn circle & if you time it right you should be able to spam hit the circle with X before the 4th pig gets over to you & before a new stone golem appears.

Now you should have all or most of the spawn circles destroyed & the smaller golems should be at least damaged. Now unleash your B button if its available. Either way jump whenever a stone is launched & shoot arrows & try to recircle toward the smaller golems and/or spawn circles. Once near them hit X on them & jump quickly & move on. Eventually it'll be just you & big golem.

Basically I circled around the center column. Stop or slow down when far enough away so he throws stone at you. Jump as soon as he throws. Quickly charge arrow & shoot before he reloads. Repeat this. circling dodging & shooting dance until he falls.

Somewhat time co summing method. Also the early part requires a bit of luck in the manner of whether there are any health potions dropped or not. If so then the rest of this should work with a little practice on getting the timing down right.

03-21-2013, 11:24 AM
Brave difficulty was hard. way to hard for a kids game. they definitely put that there for us older folks.

05-30-2013, 10:28 PM
As soon as I started up Brave difficulty I invested all of my coins towards upgrading the charged Earth attack to maximum. 'Tis a cheap tactic that works EXTREMELY well on everything except the little pig bastards and the giant rock golem bosses. Had to change tactics and fully upgrade the charged Wind attack just to get some breathing room during those encounters. =/

08-23-2013, 02:45 AM
In that section just focus on the gates first, otherwise the warthogs will keep spawning. Basically just go around the perimeter in a circle killing the gates and avoiding projectiles. Once you max out your meter you can also unleash some super attacks and take care of them in just a few hits. Once the gates are gone, and there are no more regular warthogs then you can focus on the giant. He took an ANNOYING amount of hits before he finally went down.

The difficulty overall really isn't that bad. Maybe 3/10 at most (the majority of the game is 1/10, but there are a few spots like this that are more like 7/10 difficulty and take a bunch of tries). Trust me, it actually gets worse later in the game. There's a section where you fight about 20 warthogs at the same time, and all 4 different types simultaneously (earth, wind, ice, fire). That is the area that probably frustrated me the most because there's almost no room to maneuver at all. Again my strategy was to basically "herd" all of the wartogs to the middle and go around the perimeter in a circle. But it still took me a bunch of tries, it might have even had a bit of luck involved because the potion drops helped me finally get through.

05-17-2014, 07:14 PM
Damn! Im on stage 3 and considering lowering. countless restarts makes this a frustrating experience. I had 1 single enemy left then died. made it 3-4 times after that. those damn ice throwers x 4 + minions. I dodged left n right and finally got them.

hopefully coop is similar to green lantern.