View Full Version : Games for Windows Live not updating Gears PC

07-26-2012, 06:01 PM
Ok, so I've had a lot of trouble trying to get Gears of War PC working on my PC. I installed the game, then it gave me the following message:

"You cannot run the game with modified executable code. Please reinstall the game."

After reinstalling didn't work, solutions online suggested two things from what I could find. The first was downloading the latest Gears PC title update which I did, this gave me this error message:

"Sorry, this application only supports ASUS motherboards!"

I find this weird because according to my order, my PC has a "Asus P8Z68-V PRO Z68 Socket 1155 8 Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard" which is definitely an ASUS one.

The other suggestion was to change the date back to 2008 which did load the game up. I had problems signing into the game until I ALT+TABbed out of the game with it running to change the date back to 2012. I signed in, but now it wants to apply the update which gives me the ASUS error again.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks :)