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i NatrlKilla i
07-27-2012, 06:43 PM
Here is the latest on the WWE 13 video game…

* Special referee matches have been added

* New Predator 2.0 technology will create more lifelike and fluid action in the ring.

* Fighting in the crowd, breaking the ring with big moves, countering finishers, moves to the outside of the ring and more have been added to the game.

* Enhanced sounds to better capture the feel of a live WWE event experience.

* Announcers include Michael Cole, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, with Ross and Lawler announcing for "Attitude era" bouts.

* An exclusive "Austin 3:16" edition that can be pre-ordered with Austin costuming exclusive content, a playable version of Mike Tyson, a t-shirt, autographed card, exclusive packaging and more.

* An enhanced WWE Universe feature.

* Here is the updated & confirmed roster for the WWE 13 video game…

* CM Punk
* John Cena
* Sheamus
* Mark Henry
* Steve Austin
* Mike Tyson
* Chris Jericho
* Mankind
* Big Show
* Miz
* Undertaker
* Attitude era Mark Henry from the Nation of Domination

More names will be announcing in the coming weeks.


About time Special Referee Matches came back.

09-23-2012, 03:19 AM
also king of the ring


and i quit match


new moves are in