View Full Version : How to get Grand Poobah if youre stuck.

07-30-2012, 12:19 AM
So a while back I got all the achievements (including all 320 cards) except for team 2k and grand poobah. Over the course of time I changed my gamertag and I just earned the team 2k achievement. Grand Poobah didnt unlock but I saw you had to put legends on your card team. However, because I changed my gamertag, all my cards were gone. I thought to try to unlock a classic card again to put on my team so I created a pitcher and when I was done...Boom.. Grand Poobah unlocked. Thought this could help the people that mistakenly changed their gamertag in the process. If you do not have all cards unlocked before you change your tag you might have to start over still. Good luck!