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08-03-2012, 12:18 PM
Hi everyone,
first of all yup im kind of new coz i never post here on the forum but the time has come...

2nd my english isnt the best coz its my 2nd language.

k on topic now

ive got glitched subtitles somehow for example on the loading screen it shows like this ``DLC_1_TIP_16`` etc. but sound is okay and when i met dr.ned at the tree house it was glitched too he turns out on his chair move lips but i cant hear anything and subtitles are like ``ned_1a,ned_1b`` etc. etc.

r there any fix for this?


seriously ? no one ever had such a problem ? i enjoy the game pretty much i beat it few times on pc and now on xbox, got DLC it looked like a lot of fun but i dont want to destroy all this fun coz of not knowing story.....