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The Cursed Crusade

-Estimated achievement difficult: 5/10
-Offline: 42/42 (1,000/1,000:gsicon:)
-Online: 0/42 (0/1,000:gsicon:)
-Approximate amount of time to 100/100: 15-20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

The Cursed Crusade is a hack-and-slash game set deep in the heart of Medieval timed Earth. The game itself is a cheap but surprisingly riveting game to play and go back to. With long cinematic cut scenes and interesting dialog and plot progression, this cheap hack-and-slash can easily turn into one of the most memorable medieval games to date. Just a word to the wise though many people do experience some form of bug interference or glitchy achievements throughout their time with The Cursed Crusade. I can't say I personally ran into any of these problems, but many people have claimed to so beware.

Abbreviated Walkthrough

Getting to 1000http://www.x360a.org/images/misc/g-icon.gif shouldn't pose too much of a problem, but to get to it we will go in three steps: 1) Introduction Walkthrough/Collectables 2) Nightmare Runthrough 3) The Mop Up Session. Let's begin.

Introduction Walkthrough:
The game itself will not take long to get a handle on. It is a basic hack-and-slash button masher with combos representing the single most important aspect of this game as they can turn the tide on a battle in seconds. I suggest taking this first play through slowly, enjoy the cutscenes and get the collectibles out of the way now. We will be referring to a guide compiled by olcsi2 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/member.php?u=1235) to get us through probably the most time consuming part of this quest. The Collectibles Guide (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=331706) will help us working on our character and hopefully get him near max before going into the Nightmare Runthrough. You are awarded victory points after completing a mission and collecting the coffers and the crucifixes. Something to keep note is that during missions where you spend substantial time in the Cursed world you will need to purify souls which will also yield more victory points. As you will need to do this again in the Nightmare Runthrough you can opt to just kill the necessary number needed to move on, but I advise purifying them all to help rank you up faster.

Just two side notes:
1) As you play through this first time you will get a majority of the achievements as they are story related but there are a two specific missions that have more special requirements that could be referred to as missable on your first try:
Chapter 2 Mission 4 Achievement- Slow and Steady
Chapter 4 Mission 2 Achievement- Innocent Blood

We will hit those two specific achievements when we get to their guides themselves. Onto the Nightmare Runthrough.

Nightmare Runthrough
I keep referring to this as a runthrough because this is exactly what you should be aiming for when completing this. This shouldn't give you too much of a headache with your character being more powerful and with you being keen to how each mission plays out for the most part. But let's throw a couple tips down that should enable you to plow through this runthrough in no more than 4-5 hours.
-Skip cutscenes as you have seen them all before in your first playthrough and they take a lot of time.
-Anytime you are not tasked to kill the enemies in an area just run through them to your next objective. Killing enemies on nightmare will take time and will test your hack-and-slash/button smashing skills and truthfully, we are trying to runthrough this one.
Honestly you shouldn't have too much trouble with Nightmare difficulty. Remember to just skip what you can and only do what you absolutely must. If you are good at button smashers this should be along the same difficulty as your first playthrough because of your much stronger character. Onto our mop up.

The Mop Up Session
Anything and everything that you may have missed in your first or second playthrough can easily be achieved by using the mission replay or by going back into missions to get more victory points. As I said early on some of the achievements/missions may appear to be bugged or glitchy so this could be the place to fix anything that may have happened.

Hopefully at this point you followed this guide, didn't encounter any bugged achievements, and are now enjoying the glory of having another 1000http://www.x360a.org/images/misc/g-icon.gif game. The Cursed Crusade is truly one of those games that goes completely unnoticed but is a treasure chest of button smashing fun.

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Achievement Guide

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/+rcjfw==.jpgWe Are the Champions, My Friend
Win the Tournament of Ecry.

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock after you complete Chapter 1 Mission 3 The Tournament of Ecry.

Some Tips for this mission:
-Progression through the training grounds requires you to perform the moves you are learning numerous times. Only after completing them the set number of times may you end the training and move onto the tournament.
-Also note that for the first two battles in the tournament you must defeat your opponents using the technique that you just learned in the training grounds.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/-xXIhg==.jpgA Templar Rides into a Forest...
Clear "Forest Roads" in any difficuty setting.

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock after you complete Chapter 1 Mission 5 Forest Roads.
A Quick Tip:
The mission itself is extremely short, just keep using combos and defeat one of the enemies and then Geoffroy will come and stop the fighting thus ending the mission.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/-vUwFQ==.jpgSlow and Steady
Clear "Towards the Peninsula" without losing any of the soldiers pushing the ballista.

Story based achievement, missable, but can unlock after you complete Chapter 2 Mission 4 Towards the Peninsula. Let's find out how we get it:
Near the beginning of the mission you are fighting soldiers and then told to protect the ballista. Well pushing said ballista are two men and this is where the achievement comes in. Keep the enemies away from your soldiers pushing the ballista, use nightmare mode, play on a low difficulty--all of these factors will help contribute to an easier achievement. You know you've failed the achievement when you are asked to assist in the pushing of the ballista. If this happens restart the mission. Also note that if you don't get it on your first try there is always the replay mission option.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/-NQ5oA==.jpgMake the Voices Stop
Clear "The Fall of Zara" in any difficulty setting.

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock after you complete Chapter 2 Mission 8 The Fall of Zara.

Quick Tip:
Allow Esteban to initiate combat with the leader of Zara in order to open up the chance for you to get a successful string of hits and build a combo on him.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/-TTBMw==.jpgA Change of Perspective
Clear "The Capitolium" in any difficulty setting.

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock after you complete Chapter 3 Mission 9 The Capitolium.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/-hPVPQ==.jpgDemon Slayer
Clear "Hagia Sophia Basilica" in any difficulty setting.

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock after you complete Chapter 4 Mission 6 Hagia Sophia Basilica.

Perform a 50 hit combo.

See "End of the Chain" achievement for an easy guide to 50 and 100 hit combo.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/-4wxSQ==.jpgEnd of the Chain
Perform a 100 hit combo.

The 100 hit combo may be a bit tricky. Anytime you are hit by an enemy your combo resets to zero, and if you take too long between hits your combo will decrease. Lucky for us jaycee88 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/member.php?u=365245) has provided us with a video that with a little bit of perfecting, is easily the best and more efficient way to grab the two combo achievements.

The Cursed Crusade End of Chain Trophy Achievement Guide - YouTube

The key to this guide is the boss and his weakness or rather lack there of until all of the souls have been purified. With two swords (two broken swords work as well), and leaving one soul (preferably blue) still alive you can follow the guide and http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/x.pnghttp://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/x.pnghttp://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/y.pnghttp://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/y.png until you've hit your 100th combo slice.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/-mzJ2g==.jpgEvasive Maneuvers
Dodge 30 Guard Breaks!

30 guard breaks is a lot easier than first glance would have it, and actually is most likely picked up just by playing the game and reacting to enemies around you. As learned in Chapter 1 Mission 3 a guard break is coming when your enemy glows orange at which point you need to press http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/b.png to dodge the guard break. If you are one for getting your achievements early and getting them out of the way then Chapter 1 Mission 3 during the guard break training session is the perfect spot to farm (or perfect) the technique and grab the achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/+i7asA==.jpgDeflection Master
Deflect 30 attacks with the Deflection Counter!

30 deflections may even be easier and a more likely candidate for you to snag playing through the game than guard breaks. When your enemies flash blue you know they are coming in for an attack and this is where you utilize the technique learned in Chapter 1 Mission 3 by pressing http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/rt.png. Like the guard break, this can be camped and worked on during the training session in Chapter 1 Mission 3.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/+84iIw==.jpgThat Man's On Fire
Acquire the power Purifying Fire!

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock after you complete Chapter 1 Mission 6 when you are given the ability to utilize purifying fire. Purifying Fire is used by pressing http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/lt.png+http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/a.png.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/+e8rlg==.jpgRoar of Flames
Acquire the power Roaring Flames!

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock during Chapter 2 Mission 9 when you are given the ability to utilize roaring flames. Roaring flames is used by pressing http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/lt.png+http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/x.png

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP78x7k=.jpgMaelstrom of Fire
Acquire the power Fire Maelstrom!

Story based achievement, not missable, and it will unlock during Chapter 3 Mission 10 when you are given the ability to utilize fire maelstrom. Fire Maelstrom is used by pressing http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/lt.png+http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/misc/b.png

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP8cPyo=.jpg Live by the Sword
Master the One-Handed Sword!

We will hit all of these "Master the ..." achievements at the Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP09Np8=.jpg Hatchet Man
Master the One-Handed Axe!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPzdzgw=.jpgMace Effect
Master the One-Handed Mace!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPl-JfU=.jpgKnight in Shining Armor
Master the Sword and Shield technique!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPq+1NM=.jpg...And My Axe!
Master the Axe and Shield technique!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPif3WY=.jpgClassic Cleric
Master the Mace and Shield technique!

See Master of War achievement.

Master the Two-Handed Sword!

See Master of War achievement.

Master the Two-Handed Axe!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPmZwN0=.jpgSaint Longinus
Master the Spear!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPonLRw=.jpgGreek Poetry in Motion
Master the Spear and Shield technique!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPgGJKk=.jpgWhat's Better Than One Sword?
Master the Double Sword technique!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPnm3Do=.jpgAxes of Evil
Master the Double Axe technique!

See Master of War achievement.

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http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPxEN8M=.jpgBlunt Trauma
Master the Double Mace technique!

See Master of War achievement.

Master the Sword and Axe technique!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP+FxuU=.jpgOffense is the Best Defense
Master the Sword and Mace technique!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPzu9xA=.jpgUnconventional Assault
Master the Axe and Mace technique!

See Master of War achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP0OD4M=.jpgMaster of War
Master all the martial techniques!

Here it is. After 16 different weapon combinations you have made it to the achievement that marks them all. Just a couple of reminders/tips to keep in mind when checking these off:
-Each weapon grouping (i.e. Mace+shield,Two-handed sword, ect.) has a different amount of special moves that are unlockable. Some may be 10% per new ability which means there are 10 abilities in total that need to be unlocked while others may be closer to 20% per ability which means there are only 5.
-Keep in mind that the game does keep track of your progress and will let you know you've reached 100% on a weapon grouping by both letting you know by awarding you 100% in a weapon class and by giving you its respected achievement.
-These aren't hard, just remember to pick up all the coffers, kill the necessary amount of souls, and purify the crucifix.
-Most importantly know that these transfer over to your other playthroughs, so do not think you need to or have to get them all in one run.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP8vBjY=.jpgStrong as a Spanish Cow
Enhance your character's Strength to its maximum!

Like the weapon achievements, we will group all of these at the One-Man Army achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP7P-qU=.jpg Cursed and Loving It
Enhance your character's Templar's Curse to its maximum!

See One-Man Army achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPttFVw=.jpgWeapons of Mass Purification
Enhance your character's Weapon Mastery to its maximum!

See One-Man Army achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPqN7c8=.jpg Playing the Tortuga
Enhance your character's Armor Mastery to its maximum!

See One-Man Army achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPis5Ho=.jpg Was That Supposed to Hurt?
Enhance your character's Constitution to its maximum!

See One-Man Army achievement.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPlMHOk=.jpgOne-Man Army
Enhance all of your character's statistics to their maximum!

This achievement is very similar to those of the weapon progression achievements except these are your skills for your character, not moves for your weapons. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when trying to finish this achievement:
-You will not be able to level up all of your skills in one playthrough. With this in mind, you must venture into the Nightmare playthrough in order to finally finish this achievement, whether or not you plan on finishing the entire campaign on Nightmare.
-I suggest focusing on being able to hold onto the curse for a longer period of time first because of its ability to help you slaughter enemies in a much easier and more efficient manner.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPprCOc=.jpgThe Cursed Crusader
Clear the game on any difficulty setting.

This would be our first step of completing this game as detailed above in the road map. One completion on any difficulty will unlock this achievement. Just remember to utilize the curse as much as possible and to grab your collectibles on this run through!

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPv07JM=.jpgCross the Crosses
Find all the Blood Crucifixes!

There are a grand total of 19 blood crucifixes throughout the game which can only be destroyed in the nightmare world.
We will be utilizing a x360 created collectibles guide in order to conquer this achievement. Again thanks to jaycee88 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/member.php?u=365245) for the guide.

Utilize the Collectible Guide (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=331706) and this will come just about as easy as anything else.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP+2--k=.jpgInnocent Blood
Defend Constantinople's civilians!

This is the second of the "missable" story related achievements. Chapter 4 Mission 2 is the mission in which you are tasked to defend Constantinople's civilians a few times. Now just a word of caution, this achievement is not too sensitive and may be unlocked even if you are unable to save any of the civilians. Personally on both of my playthroughs I was able to save what I believe was half and it unlocked the first time.
So if you finish this mission and it does not unlock simply go back to the mission via replay and try again.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UPg1HbU=.jpgThe Cursed Templar
Clear the game on the "Nightmare" difficulty setting.

While this shouldn't be too hard here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:
-Skip all of the cutscenes. Easily half of this game is cutscenes so feel free to skip them all and cut your time down.
-Skip any instances of fighting where it is NOT your objective. In other words, if you do not need to kill that group of soldiers to progress in the mission, don't do it--you will only waste time, your health, your curse, and your weapon's condition.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/UP2X9kw=.jpgGold Before Glory
Find all the coffers!

Just like the blood crucifix we will be utilizing a x360 Collectible Guide to find all 100 of the coffers! The coffers can be picked up in both the real and nightmare worlds.
Collectible Guide (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=331706)

Secret Achievements
http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1693/s1.jpgHere's Your Achievement!
Find the ninth Blood Crucifix!

The only secret achievement of the game is unlocked after picking up your ninth Blood Crucifix. If you are following the jaycee88 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/member.php?u=365245) guide then you should grab this achievement in Chapter 2 Mission 8 The Fall of Zara.
Note that the game keeps track of your collectible progress for each level and that blood crucifixes can only be destroyed in the nightmare world. Blood Crucifix locations (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=331706)

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Folks I do realize we already have a Achievement Guide & Road Map for this game but it isn't published and isn't finished like it could be.

I'm just hoping to take the best of what's out there for this amazing game and get us a guide that will rock.


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Hey THE DEADLY DOG :) Just published
-> The Cursed Crusade [Guide & Roadmap] (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/the-cursed-crusade/guide/)
Excellent work, if you spot any errors or wish to update/edit it let me know

Cheers Buddy!! ;)