View Full Version : Glitches, glitches, glitches...

Arsenic 17
08-11-2012, 05:13 AM
I experiences several glitches while playing this game that made the completion take up to two hours longer...basically twice as long as it should have. Hope you dont experience the same glitches...

1) In the Auditory Annex, in the room where you gain the ability to should, my game glitched and the sonic barrier didnt spawn and I also was not able to open the door, as it did not become highlighted in yellow allowing me to select it. Had to restart the entire Auiditory Stage 1.

2) At some point I became stuck and could not walk. I could spin around and when I walked, I could hear footsteps in the game, but my character would not move. Had to start that entire stage over again.

3) I know I collected all collectibles, but at the end, it said that two random ones I had already for sure collected (and no not when I restarted the levels because I made sure to re-collect those) did not register so I had to replay Mobility Vaults 1 completely over to get the first collectible to save and part of another level until I collected a clipping when it unlocked mid level.

4) I had to play the Luminarium Stage 2 over again to get the stupid photo achievement which kept glitching it would not show up in the black spot no matter how many times I tried. Eventually unlocked.

I basically had to replay almost 5 whole levels over again...nearly the entire length of the game. Way to go developers. Ignoring the glitches, this is probably my favorite Kinect game....though that really is not saying much...as I hate every other one with a passion.