View Full Version : Tips for racking up points?

08-31-2012, 07:02 AM
I'm quite new to this style of game and trying to figure out how to score big.

It seems that knowing the song and how many checkpoints there are (and when they come) help a lot so you know when to get into an instrument. Say like there is only a small amount of vocals in one section, so you'll want to level that up whenever you get the chance.

Is it wise, after the last checkpoint, to just stick to one instrument and try to farm as many points off it? It seems pointless to use each track and level them up when there are no checkpoints left when you could just farm one instrument. I notice you get bonuses at the end for having extra levels but I dunno if that's worth it.

Anyway any general tips would be appreciate like what power ups to use or how to efficiently level tracks as that seems to be where the points are - levelling as high as possible then slamming out notes at the end

08-31-2012, 07:15 AM
What I tend to do when I play is use the road rage and blast power ups. The last power up is for whatever instrument has the highest difficulty (or most notes if you know the song well enough.

When I play I head for the instrument that starts first and try to quickly get it to x4. Then I work on whatever other instruments appear. When I have all leeks maxed, I go to the instrument that has the boost and play on it till I have to level up some more.

Also get comfortable with the controller. I tend to use the A button and the left analog stick.

Only other thing I can say is practice. If you have a lot of DLC like I do (600+ songs), then just play a bunch till you get the hang of it.

iTz WaffleS v2
08-31-2012, 09:04 AM
I like to level up everything to x4 and make sure to grab all overdrive points. I use the shockwave a lot during songs that have tons of notes like stronger by kelly clarkson, thats a good one to get the 10,000 points achievo

Felonious Monk
08-31-2012, 10:48 PM
I have had really good results with Bandmate -> Flame Notes -> (whichever super instrument has the most density in the song). I'll keep everything even, get the super instrument raised up first, keep throwing Bandmate on it while raise the others. Optimally leaving a track adjacent to the super instrument so that when flame notes are activated by me or bandmate we can keep raising that count up because whenever you seem to hit a flame note it throws it to the adjacent instrument.

If I have equally dense instrument ratings in a song, I'll give it to drum, vocals or keyboard since they're on the outliers and it's one to two less button taps to get around a track that's full up in order to babysit it.