View Full Version : Free Play 'Save and Exit' MiniKit bug

08-31-2012, 02:52 PM
not sure if this has been mentioned already but i can't see any threads about it on the first four pages and there is no mention of it in the MiniKit Guide.

be warned that if you hit 'Save and Exit' at one of the save stations during Free Play then you need to restart the level as any minikits you just collected will have been forgotten. despite what the counter says, when you get to the end they will not be counted. worse still, as you have a save you can't just restart the level. you have to finish it from the save and then restart again!

this has happened to me twice now. on the first level and the metropolis one. okay, so the answer is "don't use save terminals in Free Play" but i didn't know otherwise the first time and for the second one i wasn't paying attention. wouldn't have mattered if i had selected 'Save and Continue' but i moved down to the other option by knocking the analog stick by mistake as i was making the selection.

be warned!

11-12-2012, 06:12 PM
I'm kind of facing the same issue at the moment... The only goold brick, the only minikit I'm missing to finish the game is the one linked to the minikit in the first level, theatrical Pursuits.

We played it in Free Play with my girlfriend, and she unfortunately used the checkpoint. We fiinished the level with all minikits, the game only saved five.

Today, I restarted playing it, alone, wanting to check if I could complete the level. I managed to find three more minikits, reaching 8 out of 10. But now I'm facing a very delivate issue: I replayed the level times and times again (5th when I''m typing this message), trying to save and continue, save and exit, canceling, at no time I see an arrow indicating a new minikit piece and all the minikits are replaced with blue studs.

I feel like crying right now, and even if I'm not a believer, I feel like praying whoever is up there to make something so I don't have to start back from the beginning... 249/250 gold bricks... :'(

11-12-2012, 11:02 PM
there aren't supposed to be any glitches in this game so it must be there somewhere. are you using a guide and checking off all 10 bricks? maybe use a written guide and a video guide to be safe.

hope it works out for you.

11-13-2012, 07:53 AM
After doing it for the sixth time this morning, I can assure you I perfectly know where they are all supposed to be. I used the Minikit Detector Red Brick Extra, and I also checked the Cyricz walkthrough when the detector went mute and I still had only 8/10.

Last thing I'm gonna try this morning is to try to force a co-op game. Maybe it is link to the fact that my GF saved the game with her account but on my save.

Edit: Oh well, 7th try, with the two accounts logged in, and still nothing. Second save, here I come, I assume. :(