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SoG Lord Kratos
09-02-2012, 04:46 AM
Okay, first, I wanna say I've never been a Rock Band fan and never played any Rock Band games. The reason is I don't sing and I live in an appartment on the third floor so I can't play drum, always loved guitar hero, I am very good with the guitar and I stopped playing GH when they started to mimic RB with all those instruments. So I saw Rock Band Blitz, didn't want to play it at first but a friend told me it was like Amplitude, a game I played for so long I can't estimate how many hours.

So I try the demo, absolutely loved it, I managed to get 5 gold stars with all 3 songs that were in the demo, I didn't have access to my computer at the moment so I didn't know what were the achievements but I said to myself hey, I did 5 gold stars with the shitty powerups they gave me in the demo, there is no multiplayer so I should be able to complete this game.

Well I changed my mind when I saw I had to get 300 different songs and they cost 160 mp each. And for 1200 mp that game cost me I get only 25 songs. Since when is it a must to possess other games and rely on dl contents to get an achievement? A game should ALWAYS be doable by itself especially when they cost 1200 mp. I can understand the online mp achievements, with an internet connection required to do them, but this shit is ridiculous. I am not THAT a freak about achievement completion but I just wanna pinpoint the greediness of those who made this crap.

Felonious Monk
09-02-2012, 06:31 AM
Cool beans! I knew he'd come back. They always do.

First, I don't know where I'm ''making things up'' so why not explaining to me instead of being arrogant?

Like, when I say to someone "you won't believe what this guy said on this forum over here", generally there's a consensus of "no, no one can be that stupid. You're making that up."

And I'm the one being arrogant? I'm not the one coming in to shit all over a forum without searching around for some idea of "is it just me... or...?"

2nd I know I don't have to pay 160 msp for each songs since you can get songs from other rock band games but that's exactly my point: why? Alright it's cool for those who already have these games to play those songs on Rock Band Blitz, but why making achievements out of it? What about people like me who don't like the other Rock Band games? I have to buy games I don't even like to get songs to play for another game I bought? That makes no sense.It wouldn't matter if the songs were 40msp at this point.

Why make achievements out of DLC? Because it's almost the whole point of the entire Rock Band franchise. You're building your game the way you like it. It was liberating compared to the GH concept of swapping discs around if you wanted to play something else before they went off and copied the Rock Band Store... poorly. And begging for this or that to go on a gold master disc; DLC made it to where it could be attainable after the fact. You COULD get your hopes up for it. But that's not really what you're talking about here.

Let's analyze the new achievement standards for LIVE Arcade games, okay? Used to be the old standard was 200, 50 additional for DLC, and the usual exceptions made. Now, the standard is 400, 100 additional for D...

you see where I'm going with this? What option would Harmonix have to expand out in the future to give those that want to buy an expansion that extra 100G that Microsoft allows through their standards? The content is already out there, might as well make it part of the package. And why wait for a Title Update to add the 100G later? DLC is out there now, might as well add it now.

They're not out of line based on the standards Microsoft set because you can still attain 400G without the purchase of any additional DLC. To get your 400G, you don't have to buy anything.

But let's look at the reality here, Rock Band Blitz isn't the main attraction for everyone out there. Hell, I bought it for Barenaked Ladies' "One Week". You're essentially buying DLC and getting a game free.

And what'd you do? Bought DLC for a game franchise, as a whole, you dislike, and claim the game included with it doesn't meet your expectations.

This is sort of like shitting in a box of Cracker Jack, which you think tastes awful anyway, but you buy it for the toy, because the toy failed to amuse you. And then you mail it to a Cracker Jack enthusiast group.

That Cracker Jack isn't salvageable. But I'm going to do my best to wash that toy off.

09-02-2012, 06:52 AM
Uhh, to summarize:

-400 gamerscore is your standard XBLA points, obtainable with the game itself.
-100 gamerscore is considered DLC achievements, so of course you need DLC to complete it.

SoG Lord Kratos
09-02-2012, 06:56 AM
Rock Band Blitz is a completely different game than the other Rock Band games even though it's the same ''franchise'', it's like saying you have to get Sonic Superstar Tennis to have all achievements for Sonic Adventure, it's not supposed to work like that. I don't care about the price even if it was 1 microsoft point, you can't make people pay an entire product without giving them what is supposed to come with it. Achievements related to a downloadable content is legit when it's added with that content, not with the base product.

If you buy a car full price then after purchase I tell you you can't even start the engine without ordering the parts you'll be angry with obvious reasons. Because since you paid that car you're supposed to get the package. If you want a better engine it's up to you, order some other parts to add something to your car, doesn't change the fact that this car is supposed to start when you first buy it. That's the same thing here, I buy a game then you tell me that I can't get the achievements that are supposed to come with it unless I buy a shitload of downloadable content, if you find that normal, it's up to you, but seriously you're not the only one I talked this about and I can tell you a lot of people agree with me.

And by the way I'm not ''shitting'' all over a forum, never said that game was bad, I just stated what infuriated me, what's the point of having a forum if I can't discuss these things here?

SoG Lord Kratos
09-02-2012, 06:58 AM
Uhh, to summarize:

-400 gamerscore is your standard XBLA points, obtainable with the game itself.
-100 gamerscore is considered DLC achievements, so of course you need DLC to complete it.

Trust me I understand what you are saying, I just don't agree with that formula of including the downloadable content achievements when you download the main game

And a downloadable content is usually worth 400 to 800 ms point, how much is it going to cost people to get the 300 songs achievement? A few other full retail games, and god knows how many more ms points just for a 100 gamerpoints? I usually dont care to download contents for games I like, hell I got all downloadable contents for Castlevania Harmony of Despair and they didn't even came with achievements, but it looks like Harmonix is using the gamers uprising addiction for achievement completion to get a lot of money, and that's a thing I'll proudly condone

Son of Kyuss
09-02-2012, 07:14 AM
I'd just like to point out that RB3 (360 only) had the same type of achievement situation as Blitz, not requiring 300 songs but a rather nice chunk to get all the DLC achievements done.

The way I see it, Harmonix is just giving an extra treat for all the people who have stuck with the franchise this long and who were bound to have a large library if they had invested themselves into Rock Band.

Didi Mau
09-02-2012, 08:43 AM
As has been mentioned, Blitz's 400g can all be obtained without any DLC but it then comes with a further 100g of DLC achievements, like how RB3 came with an additional 250g for DLC. I know that you didn't look up the achievements before purchase, but I imagine you'd have been more annoyed if the DLC achievements wasn't out on the first day and you had researched it, bought it knowing you'll get the 100% and then they added them in later. It's a game that can't be played correctly offline, so if you had 400g'ed it before DLC achievements were added you'd essentially have to never play it on your main tag again if you didn't want the 100% to go away (though it'd still become a false 100% anyway at that point if there's more achievements available to get, in my opinion).

The problem is you're thinking of the game as coming with 500g instead of 400g, which is the same as thinking Assassin's Creed Revelations comes with 1490g (if you were to buy it today instead of at release date, so that the achievements list is already updated when you first play it). My advice would be to look at this optimistically, the 400g is your personal challenge to obtain and then there's also another 100g in DLC as a nice bonus if you end up enjoying the game enough to buy some more songs. Know that these DLC achievements did not have you in mind but were created for the people who have been supporting the franchise for years (the RB series has always been known for the compatible music library), and to a lot of us we're happy to have essentially "free DLC achievements" because we bought the songs purely to have fun with them, long ago. It'll be really expensive for someone who isn't a fan of the series to get 300 songs so just don't go for it, no one's forcing you to.

09-02-2012, 01:58 PM
I really appreciate Harmonix for including the DLC achievements now. I tend to forget about games after completion, however this gives me another reason to keep playing.

To OP, if your only playing for completion, be satisfied with the new 400 standard for arcade games, no one is making you buy dlc, especially from one with the most expensive all around price tag to play franchises.

Prof Bad Touch
09-04-2012, 05:28 PM
I completely agree with Felonious Monk. The extra 100g is for people like me (and im assuming Felonious Monk) Ive been playing rock band since the first one came out and ive been buying songs as well since it came out. I love how he/she put it too

"the whole point of the entire Rock Band franchise. You're building your game the way you like it."
(sorry for my lack of knowing how to officially quote)

cause that exactly what Rock Band is. The actual rock band 3 setlist and rock band blitz setlist is pretty crappy in my personal opinion. But since they have almost 4000 extra songs you can add to your library, i play those songs. Its just the benefit of being a loyal fan.

and im pretty sure you can see the achievements from the demo before you buy it...

09-04-2012, 08:57 PM
I'm pissed that it's only 100 gamerscore that we get (350 when combined with RB3):

• $15 / 25 songs in Blitz = $0.60 per song (this is extremely generous, since even with deals like song packs, albums and exports I'd guesstimate the average song price as $1.25)
• $0.60 per song * 300 songs = $180
• $180 / $15 average DLC pack for other games price = 12 DLC "packs"
• 12 DLC "packs" * 100 gamerscore per DLC "pack" = 1200 gamerscore

I want my other 850 gamerscore. Though for most games, 100% completion when there's DLC with achievements means you have to buy all the DLC, so in this case that would be 1600+ songs, at $960 (using the above pricing, which is waaaaaaaaay low) for 6400 gamerscore. Now that is something to be angry about... dipsh!t.

09-04-2012, 10:26 PM
: psyduck:
I got nothing to say about this thread, but I wish we had : psyduck: along with : getout: and : smug: on this site.

09-05-2012, 02:58 AM
Most games for $15 (Like Alan Wake: American Nightmare) offer no content other than whats in the downloadable game, but RBB allows you to export the 25 songs for free to RB3, and the 500g count is really for the fans who have acquired hundreds of songs from exports (AC/DC pack, Track Pack Vol. 2, the 2 Country Packs, Classic Rock TP and Metal, as well as LEGO RB, Green Day, and RB 1 & 2 - that should be 300 songs right there).

09-06-2012, 05:28 PM
This whole thing could have been avoided if MS just set up achievements to display as Base xxx/400, DLC: xxx/100, but for all games, that way, one could still complete a game, but have the option for "Bonus" Gamerscore.

I mean, I had 100% in New Vegas multiple times, but since I had no interest in buying the Gun Runner's pack, I'm left with 1000/1000 + 530/655.

as for this game, I probably won't get 100% on it, since I have no interest in Johnny Cash songs (nor would I likely get gold stars in everything either) but that's fine, I enjoy the game and completed the 'Base' score.

09-07-2012, 02:23 AM
As for New Vegas; dude, Ultimate Edition is out and used copies are trickling into GameStops. Take advantage of installing the pack and returning the game within their 7 day period.

I always thought the 7 day period was for certain new release titles. Good to know.

The Lazy Pyro
09-07-2012, 04:59 AM
I always thought the 7 day period was for certain new release titles. Good to know.

I'm pretty sure the 7 day period is for any used game. Just bring it back, be all like "This didn't work and I'mma make my grumpy face."

09-07-2012, 11:00 AM
I'm pretty sure the 7 day period is for any used game. Just bring it back, be all like "This didn't work and I'mma make my grumpy face."

Yes, 7 days, full refund on any used game. No grumpy face or any other reason necessary. The clerks know the system is being exploited, but they don't give anyone returning anything any grief, either because they're (broke) gamers too and/or the company has made "no grief" part of the policy because an analysis says it's profitable despite the (occaisional) exploits.

If you feel absolutely compeled to give a reason, "I didn't like it" is also a perfectly valid and saves the poor schmoo behind the counter from having to check the disc.