View Full Version : PSA: Before November 6th

09-07-2012, 07:17 PM
I keep seeing a lot of younger players here and elsewhere posting that they never played Halo 1 or 2.... Or even 3! Things like "oh, I didn't know that. Reach was my first Halo game" boggle my mind.

I realize a lot of people only play it for the multiplayer, but please, PLEASE if you care at all, even a little bit, for the campaign of the game you're about to get and what it's founded on, do yourself a favor and follow these instructions.

1. Buy a copy of Halo: CE Anniversary and play it, and finish it at least on Heroic if not Legendary.

2. Get a copy of Halo 2, or if possible a copy of Halo 2 PC for Windows Vista (it can be run with Windows 7). Play through it at least on Heroic, and try to find at least 3-5 skulls in the process. If you're playing the PC version, get some achievements while you're at it. Achievements make any game better lol.

3. If you somehow haven't yet, play through Halo 3 too, once again at least on Heroic.

4. Wait impatiently for Nov 6th.

I say all this because you're about to play a campaign based on Master Chief. How can you truly appreciate it if you haven't experienced his full history (at least in video game form...the books are a whole different story). If you care at all for campaign/story stuff you will not regret this. If you're just a strictly multiplayer person... Well, in that case you're already a lost cause lol.