View Full Version : Seriously what do you guys think of RE?

09-14-2012, 05:27 AM
Now this looks like an actual NG game, I feel a bit ripped off as we got the shit end of the stick and the wii u is getting the obviously superior game. It looks very well done based on the trailer. Looks like Team Ninja is trying to repair it's rep after getting butt raped by the fans lol.

BUT the controls are going to make or break this game IMO... I'm still not to sure how this will play out on nintendo's controller..

09-14-2012, 10:36 PM
RE shouldve been the final product of NG 3.
I'm sure NG 3 and RE were in the same development stages, they just hacked down NG3 so Nintendo can claim the exclusive better version of NG3 to up the sale of the Wii U's. So basically Tecmo sold us out.

eventually I will purchase the Wii U and play RE but not at the moment.

09-20-2012, 01:02 PM
I don't think there's much to hope / worry about. You can't turn such an awful game into a good one with less than one year of extra developpment, it just never happened in the history of video games, and Team Ninja isn't going to magically get its mojo back just because the bad reviews hurt their feelings.

They'll add a little visual spark with dismemberments, add a couple weapons, hopefully fix the frame rate issues, big deal. The other improvements they promised are all vapourware IMO.

Dark Anaconda
09-21-2012, 07:39 AM
I am realy pissed ,because its Wii-U exklusive...this has to be multiplattform or at least give us RE for Xbox360 and PS3 with the title " NInja Gaiden 3 Sigma".. seriously what they are thinking!?

Wii-U is for kids ( in my personal opinion ) a brutal action game like NG3 belongs to XBox 360 and PS3.

First Bayonetta 2 and now this... i have a bad feeling that Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba could be Wii exklusiv too.

RE looks amazing...this is the true NG3 game..they should have made this in the first place.

As much as i love RE, i won`t buy a new console only for one game...

03-13-2013, 06:36 PM
I'm gonna the same thing here that I said in another thread...

I dunno... I just finished playing the demo and even with the "new" features, the game still feels every bit of a mess that the original NG3 was. The controls are clunky, the karma system is bizarrely implemented (you can upgrade at any time? uh... okay), the game still has you use manual controls for mundane actions (great... pulling triggers to climb a wall; never got tired of that the first time...), ultimate techniques are still random as hell, the bow sucks even more than it did in the original game, there are still no healing items of any kind, and some of the animations are weird. At least the enemies aren't begging for their lives - while trying to fed you several dozen cases of gunpowder via their gun - every 5 seconds like in the original.

Now, to be fair, I played "vanilla" NG3 up until about June last year and then dropped it almost completely, so I may just be rustier than a bike chain that's been sitting out for the last 2 years. But as it stands, my hopes have been effectively kicked in the dick.

07-21-2014, 12:13 AM
I had the choice between the normal version and the RE version of NG3 in the store, there was a price error and RE was actually the cheaper one... but they let me got it at 10$ anyway... Well i picked it for the price but also because of being able to play as the girls... Would i had know, i may had got what you call "the vanilla version" .. Here is what i put in the RE board...

Also i know NG is reputed to be hard, but i saw online this one was easier than NG1 or 2 on normal, that there was frequent checkpoints and no items buyings and whatever... So well... why not, ill put it on normal then...

I would say its really a mixed bag at the moment... i finished day 3, and if most of the levels don't give me too much a hard time(i don't mind dying once or twice for a part) holy hell some parts where just crazy annoying. Like that Dinosaur boss... I swear i must have retried 20 times... and no its not an exageration...

His life was going down soooo slow, and they didn't even had the decency to replenish my health bar before it... so i was stuck with half my life starting it. When he dash toward us, if he caught me twice, i was almost dead... so it was an almost no mistake run... Took me a while to know what to do, had to check online videos, and dunno if they played on easy or new game plus, but the boss really died way faster in those vids and he also stayed much longer on the ground...

Anyway, after having a good time in the day 3 chapter, i was screaming, raging, bashing my chair on that boss part, and its too bad cause its really lowering my experience of the game, really remove lots of the fun...

Its sad cause i enjoy all the rest, the story is interesting, the character is bad ass, the gameplay despite being lots of button mashing is really fun and its gore, graphics are great... Its a quality game... easy to see. But jizz is it hard... :mad:

I know NG was always hard, from the old NES days... took me a long time to beat the first game, never managed to beat the third one back then(always died at that scorpion boss...) since the game had no infinite continues, and i barely played the second one(never owned it) but it was the NES era... they had to make game harder to hide the short lenght... Now video games are not like that anymore...

And sure i could play on easy... but damn i should be able to finish a freaking game on normal without an headhache... thats just common sense... Anyway thats my rent...