View Full Version : Looking for Dukematch Partners

09-16-2012, 06:27 PM
Hey everyone!

If anyone still plays this online (or wants to play online), send me a msg/friend request on Xbox Live and we'll play. My user name is Axcalibur

I'm not interested in boosting for the achievements, just having a good time. If there's enough interest, we can always start a "community night" where we all meet up at a designated time and have some awesome Dukematches.

Hell, if you read this post in 6+ months, still add me - Duke Nukem 3D is my favourite game of ALL time, so if I'm not playing anything else at the moment, I'll be down.

Additionally, I'm looking for people to play online matches of Rock of Ages and people who play SSX & Zen Pinball 2 (to compete against each others scores).

See you online!