View Full Version : Duke Matchs

Hank J Wimblton
09-28-2012, 08:29 PM
Hello, I am one of the only people that still play duke nukem online, aside from a few mainly: stoner taylor89, seanface90, puppetmasterTHC, lonestar, blunt man and RedxBullxdude. We all play quite a fair amount usually in the evenings. The state of the duke community is in dire need of a refresh. I am asking any and all people willing to please come and help resurrect this great game. If you like competitive FPS's and duke nukem then youll love the this game.

Shoot me a friend request or come play ranked free for all dukematchs with me! I am on practically 24/7. If im not, then just wait in a lobby for awhile because im probably in a match.

Lets kick ass and bring back duke!