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Don Manolo
09-17-2007, 09:39 AM
allright i tought about posting the locations of the golden guns because these mostly come in handy when you're trying to kill the bosses..

-Hong Kong Marketplace : you can find two golden guns in the second building you enter after the first standoff, there's a door in that building you can shoot out you'll find the 2 golden guns inside of that room. You also get a checkpoint when you get to the door.
-Tai o : didn't find any
-Mega Restaurant : the part where you have to protect the band, shoot the lights above them, golden guns will fall down..
-Zakarov's penthouse : Where you fight Vlad when he's in the chopper, the golden guns are to the right where you have started against the back wall
-Chicago History Museum : 2 golden guns found in the corners of the room where you get a stand off.
You can find a heavy machine gun after fighting Damon when you get your second standoff, downstairs in the same room by the tree.
There's also 1 golden gun when you have the 'swats' coming from the ceiling and throw smoke, right when you enter that room to the left on a chair.
-Slums of Kowloon : 1 golden gun right as you start behind you
-Wong's Estate : When you start in this level turn around, you will see a little building to your left with red doors you can shoot, you can find 2 golden guns there
In on of the corners when you have to face the 2 last bosses

Alright if someone has somemore golden gun locations let me know i'll add them.. I hope this come's in handy!
Oh yeah and if its not so good please give me a break because it's the first ''guide" i'm making

07-29-2009, 12:45 PM
Quite a late response but just wanted to say this is going to come in handy on Hardbolied difficulty. Need those golden guns to kill the level bosses.


10-14-2009, 07:41 PM
In Tai O there's a golden pistol behind a set of drawers to the right of the first drug explosion

Edit: There's also some ammo for it after you zip line down a large canyon and shoot support posts that drop boulders onto 4 guys. When you drop, turn around and its on the ledge.