View Full Version : Online tips?

11-01-2012, 10:17 PM
Is anyone good at the online this year? I am pretty good but not like i was in wwe 12. I was 170 wins 40 losses or something around there on wwe 12. So far I have been playing and the game seems alot different online and I am wondering if you guys have any good techniques? I am not too bad right now my record is 5-6 but to me that seems bad since my record was so good on wwe 12. For anyone who played 12 would know whenever you press a if someone is running you do the move. This year it is different and people spam the running grapples like crazy, reversals seem to easy for the most part too. What are you guys doing? Any strategies? and what is fair fight? I never can find a game when I turn it on for some reason. :eek:

Edit: Another question I had was, is anyones wins and losses getting switched? It has happend to me twice already -_-