View Full Version : easy way of finding boosting partner and xp method

Flarus Dragon
11-05-2012, 02:12 AM
To start off the easiest way to find each other in an online ranked match is to set up a Divas match on a individual match you can search for such as Hell in a cell. Then decide on what settings you want to choose, I found it easier if you set it up with, no created characters and weight detection on, This makes the matches easier to find when boosting.

To get some easy xp first of all taunt untill you get a finisher. (To help your oponent back up off the floor pick them off the floor and then punch them once to stop them from being dizzy) After that move to the cage side with the announce table and then perform an OMG moment by using your finisher. You can then climb the cage. Now for other easy exp the other person shall than use a finisher to launch them off of the roof into the announce table below. Once they get up climb to the top and allow them to put you through it. Press LB to get through the hole and make the pin. Then repeat for the other player, and further as required for how many games you wana do.

You can get more exp if it requires you to do so by going into a tlc match. Using efficiently the extra tables, and the methods of putting them through it, (jumping from ladder, stacking, pushing off the ladder) ladders (specials when both on top of ladder, jumping from top of ladder to a person doing the same) and general use of extra OMG! moments.

But this can increase the error margin of finding the correct match as you do require to search for an any match. ( If you do want to try any other matches look at the bottom of the screen as this will tell you how many of each match are currently set up)

My guess is that setting up matches that are more than one-on-one will net you more exp. This has not been tested!