View Full Version : Fearless Hunter & High Score Achievement

Goots 88
11-06-2012, 07:57 PM
These can both easily be obtained in career mode, Moose hunt (I believe the second of the 2, at work so I'm not 100% sure. Just make sure it meets the one with the correct objectives below)....

Objectives: kill 2 Moose and 2 Alaskan Black Bear

After you kill the first moose head to the top of the hill in the middle of the Map (just north of the path heading to the rock bridge over the stream), the Moose will be hiding in the trees, get as close as you possibly can. The commentator will then state he is going to charge. Quickly kill the charging Moose. I managed to get behind a fallen tree and the charging moose got stuck behind and it was an easy kill. Next make sure both Bears are attacking and the achievement will pop. Both bears can be found near the south side of the map (towards the ice).

Both bears during this hunt I received more than 25,000 XP for each kill.

Any questions shoot me a message on Live.