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11-08-2012, 12:36 PM
I finally got the achievement after taking a long break for it.
I wanted to give some tips for everyone as if you have the dedication to get through Weskers battle mode, this achievement is pretty much yours.
Of course these are all my opinnions and might not work for everyone but using these techniques I got everything elses done easily except weskers.

*May contain spoilers*


Battle mode is a game mode that is unlocked after completing the main game. It's an older version of merceneries mode that newer RE games have. This mode puts you through 17 rooms of enemies containing zombies, Bandersnatchers, hunters and sweepers and the 19th room with a boss. Room 13 is a bonus room. You have certain weapons and amount of herbs as each character but you have unlimited ammo.

*This guide/tip section is all written by me, there may be similarities to others as Resident Evil: Code Veronica came out 2001 so there are multiple guides by multiple people. I didn't copy this from anyones guide.*

Overall tips:
- If this is your first time playing battle game mode, play it couple times to get used to the rooms and which way to go. It's not hard but it isn't that common to get under the A rank time in first try. Good thing is that the rooms are same for every character and pretty linear.

- The time still counts when you are in your item menu, so there's no way to pause at all. So don't spend a huge amount of time in the menu, or you're just wasting time.

- In 9th room there is one zombie in the platform on the right so remember to shoot him when you enter the room from the hallway and not to wait for him to come down nor going up the stairs yourself. Then walk past that to the end of the room where there is actually two zombies. The other one is laying on the ground and looks dead but he isn't, so shoot him too immidiately to get them all in short amount of time.

- In the 12th room there is a silver door next to the original door. Going through the silver door leads you to a bonus room (as I call it) which contains special item inside the slot machine and two herbs on the counter. There is really nothing good there so it's a waste of time to go there when going for the A rank EXCEPT for Wesker as this is the room where you get magnum for the boss and also important healing items.

- First person view is actually very helpful in this mode and it's not that hard to get used to.

- If your health is orange, heal. If your health is yellow and you're going into a room with hunters and/or sweepers, heal just in case.

Unlocking Claire Alt: Finish the Battle Game Mode as Claire with any rank.

Unlocking Wesker: Finish the Battle Game Mode as Chris with any rank.

Unlocking Steve: To unlock Steve you need to get the Golden Luger Replicas as Chris and put them in your item box/safe. I'm not sure if it's required to also finish the game to unlock him as I found the replicas on my first playthrough. The replicas are located on the second save room when playing as Chris. There is a drawer that you must open and the combination is: Red, Green, Blue, Brown.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1866/-v5FAg==.jpg (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/resident-evil-code-veronica-x-hd/achievement/55337-Battle-Master.html)Battle Master (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/resident-evil-code-veronica-x-hd/achievement/55337-Battle-Master.html)150 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png
Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.
- Requires you to get A rank with all characters.

Time: 6:09
View: First person
Weapon: Fire arrows
-Rabid fire your bowgun so you can kill everything fast. Even Nosferatu dies fast with those.

-If you get hit by nosferatus poison from the place you start the fight, run around him to the corner that is far away from him and keep firing, you should get him with no problem.

Claire Alt
Time: 8:00 (I finished 8:35 and still got A rank so it might be 9:00 in HD or just glitched for me:confused:)
View: Third person
Weapon: Flame grenade or regular grenade
- I personally used flame grenades so you don't have to go that close to zombies.

-There are sometimes B.O.W. grenades in the bonus room, inside the slot machine, that will help greatly against the Tyrant. He should die after 5-6 shots.

-But don't worry if you didn't got them as assault rifle works great against Tyrant too. Just remember to be as far away from him as possible as he can hit you down the roof with one attack!

Time: 6:30
View: First person
Weapon: Magnum
- As you have the magnum you shouldn't have that much problems as most of the enemies die in one hit and sometimes you can even kill two with one shot.

- As Chris have to fight Alexia 2 and 3 in the last room it would be a good idea to get those couple first aid sprays and herbs along the way as there are lots of annoying things hitting you in the Alexia 2 fight.

- Here comes the part why this is so hard for most of people. You have to beat Alexia 3 (yes, the flying version) without linear launcher. You have to run pretty close to her and shoot all the way up. Don't worry if you see your bullet hitting the wall above her head, it still hits her but magnum bullets also pierce through her. This is also a part that you don't want to fail by dying, so remember to heal!

Time: 10:00
View: Third person (It's very hard to hit the Gulb worm with first person view)
Weapon: sub-machine guns
- Don't worry that sub-machine guns take some time to even kill zombies you have 10 minutes to get this done and it's a lot of time.

- I never got used to this but I thought I share it with you. If you use golden Luger and shoot the exact moment you push up, it should one shot a zombies head. Some might find this way easier.

- Always shoot all the way down when facing hunters and sweepers. Of course you have to be close to them but they usually run to you.

- The boss is pretty straight forward, run around dodging its attacks and when it shows itself, fire away.

Time: 60:00
View: Third person
Weapon: Knife
- I can't stress this enough; make sure your d-pad or analog is working good as shoving off zombies fast is one of the main things to get down if you want to get through this. Also be prepared to actually react when zombie suddenly grabs you.

- The basic strategy is cut zombies knees so they fall and you can kill them on the ground. The way I found this to be done easily is to cut forward until you hit a zombie then immidiately cut down to hit its knees. This is not a 100% method but worked a lot better than only trying to cut the knees.

- Memorize and collect every health item!

- Heal before hunter and sweeper rooms even if you're on yellow. Also remember that hunters and especially sweepers deal a ton of damage so remember to heal mid fight too if necessary!

- Of course heal poison away immidiately.

-In the fifth room (the room before first hunter room) you should immidiately slice down when you have control of your character, there is a zombie right in front of you and sometimes you can get him down before he grabs you. After that you can stay there and wait for the zombies come up the stairs and cut them without taking damage! There are usually 1 or 2 that won't find their way to the stairs and you have to face them normally but it's still a lot better than fighting all 4-5 of them.

- After fighting the first hunters you have to face sweeper and a hunter next room. There's a trick I learned from DarkKefkas video; Immidiately run straight away from the sweeper, turn the corner and up the stairs. Sweeper should jump there so be ready to knife it! If the Hunter didn't notice you go down the stairs and when you hear it coming quickly get up the stairs and if done right the hunter should be trying to run to you through the rail and you can slice it dead from up there without worrying that it hits you.

- Now the sh***y part. When you got to the bonus room and kick the slot machine and there is no magnum. I'd say restart. It sucks but facing Alexia with a knife is just suicide and after strugling all the way to get there it's gonna frustrate a lot, A LOT.

- When you get the magnum you should know that it's for the boss fight BUT boss dies with 5 bullets so you have one spare. I'd say use it in the next hunter and sweeper room to get rid of the sweeper easily. Some use it in the room with all the explosive barrels but there are really like 4-5 zombies only but whatever works for you.

- the 18th room with 3 bandersnatchers, not that hard but just a reminder that there is a first aid spray on the table. If you don't have any health items anymore go to right from where your character is facing to get the first aid spray, there is only one bandersnatcher on this side. If you still have health items go for the other side to get rid of the two bandersnatchers first.

- Remember to heal before last room just in case!

- The first form of Alexia, don't get too cocky with your magnum though because Alexia still kills you with one hit if she gets close to you. So evade those flames and shoot from good distance and you should be fine.

All A rank Reward:
- Linear Launcher for the Battle Game mode. Not for main game unfortunately.

If you still prefer videos, The Paralyzer has collected all useful videos here:

Credits to DarkKefka as his youtube video helped me get weskers battle mode done!
Special thanks to Earthbound_X for the tip!

03-22-2013, 08:09 AM
Got a small extra tip. The time still counts when you are in your item menu, so there's no way to pause at all. So don't spend a huge amount of time in the menu, or you're just wasting time.

03-23-2013, 04:47 AM
Hell ya! Beat Wesker's mode on my second try! First time I failed at the start with the first group of Bandersnatches, made the mistake of going to far into the room, so all 3 were on me at once.

But after I watched that video you linked, I got it right after!

To anyone who thinks this will be too hard, it's not. Even the other characters took me more tries, though I guess that was because of time limit.

Also, use the Analog stick to move, it's much easier to shake off zombies before being bitten that way, wish I knew that through the campaign.
Now I just gotta get the A Rank, and the game is fully complete.

Thanks again for this little mini guide.

05-03-2013, 10:03 AM
Got a small extra tip. The time still counts when you are in your item menu, so there's no way to pause at all. So don't spend a huge amount of time in the menu, or you're just wasting time.

Good point! I added that to the guide and gave you credit at the end :)

Hell ya! Beat Wesker's mode on my second try! First time I failed at the start with the first group of Bandersnatches, made the mistake of going to far into the room, so all 3 were on me at once.

Thanks again for this little mini guide.

Wow well done!

and thanks :)