View Full Version : Best Levels to Boost Gold Medals

Goots 88
11-09-2012, 01:53 PM
1) Level 12 - First Elephant - Zimbabwe
Objective: Kill 1 Elephant

- Best thing to do here is start off by going straight ahead towards the hilltop spot. After that start heading slightly left towards the pond in front of you. Just on the other side of the pond will be an elephant. Go to edge of pond and take him out (depending on what you need, ie: spine, heart, hold breath, etc.; please note that only .350 caliber and above can be used hunting elephants and the max scope for .350 caliber and above is 6x). Now after you killed the first elephant do not claim the trophy, immediately walk and aim to the right, there will be another elephant. Kill him and claim trophy. 2 kills towards your medals in just under 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat.
- For blood stains, I used the same level and killed the first elephant the same; however, on the second one, I made sure I hit him outside of the vitals. This would cause him to charge. It's ok if he hits you. It will start you back at the beginning, go back to the second elephant and hit him again but not in the vitals. This time he will take off heading towards where you killed the first elephant. Now just follow him and press A to investigate and pick up the blood trail. Can get about 3-4 blood stains per playthrough.

2) Level 1 - Rocky Mountain Goat -
Objective: Kill 2 Mountain Goats

- Use this level for scope medals 10x and 20x (I believe I used the 3rd rifle).
- start off going straight down the hill and up towards the hill spot. Right at the hill spot zoom in, there will be 3 Mountain Goats. I managed to hit 2 sometimes in this area. However, if you do manage to hit 2, only claim one and continue to follow the herd. Keep going straight after you claim the trophy. In the next section around the rock, look to your right, the herd will be there to the right of the pond. Depending on how many kills you had in the first section, there will be 1 or 2 mountain goats. Get your kill(s) and claim trophy. Takes roughly 3 minutes. Rinse and repeat.

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