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09-24-2007, 09:53 PM
hope this helps some of you guys, it did help me a lot!, i was reading all the other guides for beating the boss lok and no offence to the authors but i didn't find them helpful. maybe it was to some others but not to me, please do not take offence :) your help still helped me quiet a bit with this new method.

Phase 1
go straight to the stairs in front of you go into the middle of the stairs so he isn't able to hit you, go into tequila mode and using a rifle you should be able to take out his health after a few rounds into his head.

phase 2
as soon as he goes into phase 2, make sure you follow him everywhere. make sure you stand on the upper floor at all times, keep on the top of the stairs and try to spot him before he reaches the stairs, you should see him about to go up. when you see him on the lower floor make sure you go into tequila mode with your rifle and aim for the head again.

as soon as his health goes down, just a bit. make sure you go to the other set of stairs and do the same thing.
note: the next few times, you may be able to get a lot! more shots in... make sure you go into tequila mode and aim for the head (all the time) that you see him, then he goes into...

this was the hardest part of the method, as you will need to go down to the lower floor, find as many cranes as you can and use barrage 2 or 3 times to kill him.

khaos2639, blkmag1k

*hope this helps*

09-24-2007, 10:14 PM
Thanks man for this. I will try this out soon. man i need this guy dead like right now haha

09-24-2007, 10:18 PM
ur telling me m8, i broke a tv because of this guy lol

10-03-2007, 10:15 PM
I tried this method, combined with shooting the statues' legs so that they fell on him. And after a couple of times it actually worked, without the golden guns, on Hard Boiled! :woop:

Thanks a lot, dude! I just conquered one of the hardest parts of the game on the hardest difficulty.

10-04-2007, 08:55 PM
no probs dude!

Souls Collector
10-07-2007, 11:49 PM
Thanks for taking the time to write this guide. This helped me out so much.

10-09-2007, 07:50 AM
nah, notta a problem mate. took me 10 minutes after beating the bastard lol glad it's helping.

10-12-2007, 08:09 AM
While this method is probably the easy way to do it - there is another 'sneaky' way to make this battle a lot less painful.

Do the method suggested above for the first stage so you don't lose any health. Then run to the top of the stairs and duck behind the pillar (if you are facing the stairs and they go to your right then you want the pillar on your right, it will be right at the entrance to the stairs).

Now wait for Lok to head upstairs and make sure he can't shoot you from the stairway, he will then try to come onto the balcony and shoot you, so just edge to the right of the pillar. Then he will try and go back down the steps and shoot you - so edge back to the left.

If you keep doing this and making minor adjustments then eventually he will stop moving and you will be able to edge to a position where you can just shoot him past the pillar and he WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

You can even stop firing to get more ammo and he will stick in the same position.

I've tried this a few times and got it to work everytime. The only warning is that, when he reaches his third stage he WILL still throw grenades (though strangely not shoot at you) so make sure you aren't too close or quickly go into barrage mode to finish him off.

I found this was the easiest way to finish him off on Hardboiled. Hope it helps.

10-13-2007, 04:08 PM
nice post dude! thanks for adding that.

02-16-2010, 11:09 AM
Thought I'd bump this so people who still play this game can look at it.

04-05-2010, 08:57 AM
Now wait for Lok to head upstairs and make sure he can't shoot you from the stairway, he will then try to come onto the balcony and shoot you, so just edge to the right of the pillar. Then he will try and go back down the steps and shoot you - so edge back to the left.

If you keep doing this and making minor adjustments then eventually he will stop moving and you will be able to edge to a position where you can just shoot him past the pillar and he WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Think they may have patched this as I don't seem to be able to make such minor adjustments. The one time I got him to stop moving he was behind the pillar and I couldn't shoot him. Shooting the pillar resulted in the floor collapsing instead dropping me back to the lower level. Tried again and couldn't get him to stay still, this time his grenades blew out the balcony floor... same result. :(

Managed to do it using the same principle on the ground floor, crouching under the stairs with Lok round the other side throwing grenades when I moved back and forward. Timing it right caused him to throw the grenades too close and after four/five he took what was left of his health.

(just need Final Showdown and Lounge Act now...)

04-19-2010, 02:29 AM
&&@"@&&@" I don't get this is driving me insane .I go upstairs but he just shoots the floor awaY

Lord Goblinboy
06-01-2010, 02:18 PM
sorry to bring up an old post, but id like to say thankyou for making this, i just beat him first time using this :D

06-01-2010, 05:57 PM
I did this the other day without looking at the guide. The only thing I would add is try to take out the statues as well when you hide behind the stairs as if your lucky it can knock off a large amount of health quite easily. Oh and be patient, its frustrating

07-28-2010, 07:51 PM
My LOK glitched. I was able to get behind him without him noticing me. Then I just kept shooting at him in the head and his health would go down but he wouldnt go into phase 2. Made beating him VERY easy. Not sure how I got him to just stand there, it wasn't intentional but it's definitely some sort of glitch because he wouldn't even turn around to shoot me, he'd just let me shoot him in the back of the head - and yes, this was hard boiled difficulty.

08-03-2010, 04:39 PM
Hey all these are good solutions. I would like to add one I just did this on Hard Boiled the second time I tried it with an alternate account and it took me less then 5 minutes to do. and I never had to switch from my ASSAULT RIFFLE.

Arguably the toughest boss in the game and for good reason. I just beat him so all this info is pretty fresh in my head. I hope this helps as it took me quite some time to figure this out.

First off try to have as much ammo and big guns as you can before going into this checkpoint, even with that you will still need to use the weapons in the circular shaped room. When you first enter the room you will notice a small set of stairs leading down in to the room. You then have two sets of longer stairs to the left and to the right.

He shoots with a great accuracy and damage.
He hardly ever reloads and has unlimited ammo.
He has three distinct phases you will know them when you have the small cut scenes. Phase 1 is when you first enter the room. This is where he will stand in one spot and shoot. Phase 2, he will come after you. Phase 3: He will start throwing hand grenades, while coming after you.
He’s very predictable.
You must use the environment to hurt him as much as possible otherwise you will run out of ammo. With the method I have explained here I only had to grab one extra ASSAULT RIFFLE and change the SHOTGUN out with the DUEL LOCO MACHINE GUNS.

TAKE NOTE OF WHER YOU ARE: (Use this part after you get LOK to come after you)
Starting to the right and following the right path you will see a WHITE PAPER CRANE. Directly in front of the white paper crane and to the right on the wall is a GUN rack filled with ASSAULT RIFFLES, a few more feet in front of that and on the same wall is a FIRST AID KIT.
Following in that same direction keeping the wall to your right will be another gun rack filled with the DUEL LOCO MACHINE GUNS, another FIRST AID KIT a bit further along and little farther after that will be another WHITE PAPER CRANE and a Gun rack filled with SHOTGUNS. (If all goes well you will not need to use the shotguns)

As the scene/checkpoint starts, immediately run to the right and get behind the stairs, there is sweet spot where Lok cannot shoot thru it and will not come after you until he has of his life taken away. You will also notice a white paper crane that if picked up will give you just enough Tequila bomb for a precision shot, or a small health boost, DON’T USE IT!! (You will need it a bit latter) Equip your ASSAULT RIFLE if you have it, anything just NOT the shotgun. (Only use the shotgun as a last resort)

It may take only one statue but more than likely it will take both to get him down on his health. Start with the left statue right leg it’s the easiest to hit. It may take a few tries to get the angle right but if you mess up you can always restart the check point. Remember you have two statues to try with before you have to restart; it took me about thirty minutes to get it right. (the first time)
With the first statute Lok will take some damage and if you’re lucky he'll take enough damage to start coming after you. (About 1/4 of his health should be gone before he’ll come after you). If not move to the right a bit more and you will see the leg of the second statue. Shoot the left foot first as this will help with the proper angle to have it topple over, then shoot the leg out. It should be the one that is most visible and is taking a step forward. Shoot it to topple it on top of LOK for the remaining damage need for him to come after you, but be quick as the pillar that shields you can be shot out by Lok and it will fall on top of you giving you damage. (It’s actually pretty hard to screw that up and take damage) or he will just shoot thru it giving you damage.

You know you got the damage when you get a quick cut scene of Lok getting mad and he will then begin firing his massive machine gun, get ready to move. Lok will come straight to you. Sometimes he gets’ caught up on the debris in the room but that will not slow him down. Do not use that time to PERSICION SHOOT HIM!! You may at your discretion shoot him if he lingers too long or seems to not be able to move, but this will not last long as he will turn to shoot you as soon as you’re in a clear view and thus either taking your health down or freeing him of his debris
*NOTE* If you decide to go up the stairs do so at your own risk as 90% of the time he will shoot the pillars from under you and you will fall taking damage and then he will shoot you some more and you’ll most like die very quickly. For your information there are more FIRST AID PACKS, WEAPONS and PAPER CRANES up there, but really it’s not worth it, as most of that stuff will probably end up falling to the floor with this method.
You should still be behind this same stairs from when you shot the statues. Use these stairs to circle around and stay out of his sight. Lok will constantly change direction to move from left to right if he cannot get a clear shot at you. He will stop occasionally to shoot at you. Try to get him to follow you up under the pillars. This not only gives you some more protection, but also plays in to his undoing. While he is shooting at you, you can get an angle on him and shoot him or, shoot the pillar he is standing under. (While he’s shooting at you he may also be hitting pillars too.) The pillar will fall causing more damage to him. Sometimes it drops weapons, first aid or additional cranes from the floor above. Now when the two or three pillars next to those stairs have fallen on him he should take enough damage to start the next phase.

When Lok takes enough damage another shorter cut scene happens. When this happens be careful as your camera angles may change on you, so you need to be quick on determining where you’re at and where Lok is at in relation to you. At this point Lok starts throwing hand grenades at you. Now you’re ready to kill Lok.
Now RUN! Run until you get to the next FIRST AID, (if you need it) then get the WHITE PAPER CRANE (Note you will now have enough Tequila Bomb for the BARRAGE power up!) and the DULE SUB MACHINE GUNS. Press A to equip the Shot gun and then Press X to switch it for the DULE SUB MACHINE GUNS.
Now find where LOK is at. Make sure you can get a good full body & head shot on him. (Make sure there is no debris in the way of your target) Now if you can wait until he reloads, run out to attack him. Wait till he starts to shoot and use your BARRAGE ability. You take no damage from his bullets and you can just continually shoot him (try for head shots) hopefully you will have killed him, if not, now use your Tequila time to slow time and get out of the way.
After that move he should be down to almost no health and you can just run around a bit and pick him off. You may have another barrage move or precision shot after that as some paper cranes may have fallen from the top floor or your style points may have given you some. Either way you still have to be careful as he will still be throwing grenades and shooting you with deadly accuracy. I hope this helps!