View Full Version : Loading problem

11-19-2012, 01:59 AM
Hi, for some reason my game keeps crashing just after i chose storage device. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it just me? What can i do to fix this?

11-19-2012, 03:59 AM
Nope. But I would say try and delete the game, then redownload it. If that doesn't work, maybe save to something else (like the cloud or a usb drive).

Darth Craigus
12-09-2012, 10:24 PM
This is happening to me too. Happened three or four times today. No idea what is causing it, haven't tried deleting and reinstalling.

Edit: Just as I posted this, it loaded - certainly seemed like it had crashed/frozen. No buttons, not even the guide button worked. Maybe try waiting a minute or two if it's looking like it has crashed?