View Full Version : Help With Penalty Shot

GS Whore
05-06-2006, 04:19 AM
i was told to have two controllers with one person as the goalie of the opposing team and to run up to him and have him hit you to get the penalty. i havent been able to make it so the goalie is able to be controlled by the controller unless i go for a shot. if any one knows how to get a penalty shot easily i would appreciate it

Agamenon Busmalis
05-06-2006, 07:03 PM
It seems like many people are having problems with the penalty shot, as am I. I don't think we need a new thread for each person. I only have one controller but I played every ea hockey game from 1993 to about 2001 so I wasn't too worried.

that being said I started a game on All Star, put the time to 20 minutes real time. I scored in 11 seconds with a defensive men on a breakaway. So I got three of them in 30. I then turned penalties all the way up, got two quick penalites and scored two men down in about a minute. I then turned penalties all the way down except for penalty shot all the way up. I tried for 3 games at the full 60 minutes each and never was awarded a penalty shot.

I can give a few hints that might help though. It appears the game has the exact rule of the penalty shot wrong. In the NHL you just have to have a clear path to the goalie, you can break past the last defensivemen between the circles and still get a penalty shot. However in the game it seems like if a defender is in his defensive zone, even if it's one skate at the blue line, you can't get the breakaway that is necessary for the penalty shot. (when you clear the last defender that is)

Also shootouts don't work for the achievement.

If you get the penalty shot an east way to score is (for a right handed shooter) skate up the left side of the goalie you don't need to go that fast, skate diagonally to the right post starting a little inside the circle also deke to your right, time is so you are at about the right post but just out of reach of the pokecheck. Then quickly deke left putting the puck on your backhand, instantly tap X and aim for the top shelf left hand side.

It sounds hard but it's pretty easy with practice and you can score pretty much every time. I would recommend practicing the shootout mode if you aren't good, so if you finally get the penalty shot called you don't waste 3+ hours by not scoring.