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11-26-2012, 09:52 AM
Online Boosting Facts and Tips credit to CrazyApes

I just platinumed the game last night, and thought I'd post some facts and tips to help everyone out. Please note that I will no longer be playing this game so please don't ask me to help boost. You'll understand when you're finished!

Max rank is 14 (Hall of Famer) and requires 1,162,500. The trophy pops immediately and will be the sweetest sound you hear!

This will vary, but here's a rough estimate:
Assuming you earn an average of 1430 XP (will explain how XP works in a bit) per match, it will take 813 matches to reach Max Rank. Using an optimal average of 3 minutes per match (explained later), it would take 40.6 hours per person.

Based on my experience I have been able to get many matches under 3 minutes (from searching to finished), but also depending on the server it can take up to 3 minutes alone just to join a lobby. So it varies based on factors (listed later). Just know, this is going to take a while.

I've heard several people say "I can get 1800-2000 XP in a match, my way is better."
That's fine, but when they say their method is to beat someone up for 10 minutes and get 2000 pts, there are some factors to remember. How long does it take? Were they getting a Tier Bonus from another player? How easy is it to connect and fill the lobby?

I can get 2000 pts in one match but it takes me 6 minutes to earn. Would you rather get 2000 pts per 6 minutes or 2800 for two 3-minute matches? Make sense?

There may be a better/faster way than what I'm going to explain, but I haven't found one yet. If you find it, please share.

Ranks 1-3 are considered "Tier 1"
Ranks 4-6 are "Tier 2"
Ranks 7-9 are "Tier 3"
Ranks 10+ are "Tier 4"

Win against someone 1 tier higher = 15% bonus XP
Win against someone 2 tiers higher = 30% bonus XP
Win against someone 3 tiers higher = 50% bonus XP

This will help a lot early on if you're boosting with a higher rank. But once you level out, the grind begins.

Here's my method for boosting: (Note: I did not try every type of match, but I tried the big ones - Royal Rumble, Battle Royal, Elimination Chamber, Ladder, Table, Cage, HIAC)

Settings: Weight Off

Person winning uses CM PUNK
Person losing uses BIG SHOW
There is a bonus at the end of each match called "Reputation"
When using this combo, you will earn +150
This also worked with MYSTERIO/BIG SHOW, but Punk's moves worked more smoothly.
I tried some other characters and combos and didn't find anything that gave me more. There might be one, but I stopped looking.

Using different parts of the cage will earn you "Excitement" pts.
Taunts will get you 5 per taunt.
Finishers will get you 75 each time (not sure if there's a cap)
Signatures are 30 pts (I believe)
Other moves listed below are usually 20-30 pts. (I stopped caring to figure it out)

Here is my move list (in order) for the 1430 xp in about 1 min 20 sec of in-ring time.
1. Springboard off rope (Push towards rope and press SQUARE)
2. Dive off Turnbuckle (Show laying down)
3. Dive off Turnbuckle (Show standing)
4. Dive off Top of Cage
5. Taunt (Up on D-Pad)
6. Climb Top Turnbuckle and have show stand right next to you. Punch and dive off Turnbuckle with SQUARE button
7. Up Taunt
8. Kick/Punch until Signature shows up
9. Up Taunt
10. Signature (Show needs to be whipped into corner)
11. Rise-up Taunt/Finisher
12. Up Taunt and Leave the cage

This strings together pretty nicely as you will see.
Loser can taunt while winner climbs cage.

There is another method that nets around 1400 per match.
Loser punch/kicks Winner until he hits Signature and Finisher.
Winner does Comeback (Must have character with Comeback), hits Signature and Finisher and leaves cage.

Both players get a Finisher Bonus, and both players are "active" during game.

Big Show sucks at punch/kicks (Tyson, Boss Man, and HHH are good) so it can become sloppy and take longer. If you don't use Show, you lose the Reputation Bonus. Also, when you get tired you start missing the Comeback Prompts, which just makes it take longer.

Some people say Royal Rumble is faster...so here's a few facts.
There is a 20% XP penalty per each AI you have in game. So if you only have
5 Humans you only get 80% of the XP you earn. So if you earn 10k, you only receive 8k.

Royal Rumble with 6 Humans can earn you over 10k per match. You earn pts for eliminations. 70 pts per normal elimination, 125 pts per eliminations via Finishers. You also earn pts for surviving so many ppl.

My experience was that most boosted matches took between 13-15 minutes in-game, loading time and getting everyone set in the lobby took a lot longer. I'd say 20 minutes total. So again, pts vs time. You would earn 10k per every hour and a half - to two hours (Because you have 6 boosters). Not worth it to me. Also, it's hard to get 6 people to not screw around over that length of time.

1. Avoid trying to do any "Normal" matches. The pool of players is too big usually and you'll get randoms forever. Also, playing at night is when I've had the best success for fast rooms. I've been able to do 4 matches in under 10 minutes!

2. Use a chatroom. You can time your search better. It's really quite easy to find your boosting partner. Also, you can communicate issues with loading in. Example: Host will be in and see partner join on his screen. Partner will appear to be searching for a room on his screen. Host will get annoyed and say "READY UP!!!!" (This also works in reverse)

3. If you have a mic, you should use it. It will help kill the time. Or put on Pandora and just rock out.

4. Make sure your partner has a good internet connection. I found very little lag when using a good partner, and tons when playing with someone with a crap connection.

5. Some people like to get wins in bunches. 3 in a row, 5 in a row. It kind of keeps your brain active for longer periods of time. Or you can alternate wins. Just don't screw somebody over.

6. If the person who is searching keeps finding the wrong room over and over, have the host remake it. Sometimes that just helps.

7. Last piece of advice - Don't go for this trophy. It sucks. Be happy with 91% and move on with your life! But if you are crazy..err committed enough to do this, know that the first 7 levels go kinda quickly and you think "I got this no problem." But it gets progressively longer. It takes 250k to go from Rank 12 to 13, and 300k from 13 to 14.

I would have attached a video of my match pattern, but I can't record video, so if someone can and wants me to do it so they can record and post, I'll do it. Just message me on PSN. (CrazyApes)

Good luck, and happy boosting! Sorry for the manifesto!!!