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11-26-2012, 10:50 AM

As someone mentioned before, if you got Millionaire achievement with drop-through-the-floor-in-the-shop glitch, prior getting Massacre then the latter might not unlock for you (and Explorer as well). So this is possibly partial solution for Massacre not unlocking at 1000 kills.

So here it goes:
I said it's partial because if you have save file with more than 1000 kills this won't work for you. Achievement system just tracks hitting 1000 threshold, not 1010 or 1200. (Bad coding example...).

So here's my "story" and what I did (step by step) to unlock the achievement.

1. I got Millionaire achievement with above mentioned glitch.
2. I do not have Explorer achievement still (read Update note at the end).
3. IMPORTANT! I was replaying The Don mission to get 1000 kills, but I SAVED THE GAME (subs on/off method) when I got 993 kills.
4. IMPORTANT! When I hit 1007 kills with NO Massacre achievement unlocked, I quit to dashboard without saving (just power off console or quit to dashboard from the game without returning to menu or saving the game).
5. Just to be safe I copied Mafia II save file to Flash drive.
6. Cleared the HDD's system cache.
7. Started and updated the game normally.
8. Selected Jimmy's Vendetta and pointed to Flash drive when asked. After game has started I checked that I still have 993 kills;
9. Pressed Continue and started The Don mission (can be any mission I think);
10. After exactly 7 kills Bang!!! achievement poped, saving me a lot of time and nerves instead of redoing it on the fresh save!

UPDATE: After Massacre I successfully unlocked Explorer achievement which previously glitched on me (but again I have save file with 990 miles driven).

Hope this will help to those of ya who just going after Massacre cheevo or for those who have save file with less than 1000 kills.

This is confirmed as working method by more than 1 person now.

izzy meli
04-21-2013, 05:15 AM
21/4/2013, everything popped up right on the mark, must be the recent updates

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04-22-2013, 09:39 AM
Did you do the drop-through-the-floor glitch?

06-05-2013, 11:38 PM
Wow. I'm so glad I didn't have too much problems getting these achievements (Outside of the time it fuckin' took).

I did the (Drop through the shop floor glitch) to rack up the brunt of the miles for the explorer achievement, while netting the millionaire achievement first.

After getting all the achievements and finishing the game, the last I had to deal with was the Massacre and it didn't unlock for me at first and I was about to rage but all I did was quit to the main menu and it finally popped up at the screen where you can select the story, the two dlc's and the extras.

Hope no one else had to go through the initial shock we had when it didn't pop up, I was so glad to be finished with that game mainly because I was so tired of playing Jimmy's Vendetta.