View Full Version : A Couple Newb Questions (Score Wars and Gold Stars)

11-28-2012, 03:10 PM
First, is it possible to start a Score War with one of your friends on Xbox Live? The only way I can seem to start one is with a random stranger that the game suggests.

Second, is there a definitive way to know or calculate what the Gold Star requirements are for individual songs? I'm talking about any song at all - not just the ones that came with Rock Band Blitz. I made some estimated calculations based on observing my own scores as well as YouTube videos of other people playing:

1S x 2.86 = 2S
2S x 2.32 = 3S
3S x 2.17 = 4S
4S x 1.89 = 5S
5S x 1.43 = GS

In order to get Gold Stars (GS), take the score at which you obtained 5 Stars (5S) and multiply it by 1.43. So if you obtained 5S at 100,000 points, then you will get GS at approximately 143,000.

These approximations are very rough but will give you a decent idea of what score you need to attain for the next star. However, if there is a more concrete way of knowing this, that would be abso-fabulous.