View Full Version : Problem with downloading from xboxlive

12-05-2012, 11:01 AM

I bought this game with DLC yesterday because it was in sale.
I know the game is not for my region (UK profile but different country) but when I clicked on the purchase button the game started to download without message ,, this is not for your region,, with DLC too.
When I downloaded about the 80% there was an error message ,,The game can't be downloaded,,.
I tried multiple times to download again , but it was showed the same error message.
The DLC was downloaded without problem.
I already paid for the game, so it cost me some MS points.

Could you help me with the issue, any suggestions or advice?
Can I ask Microsoft xboxlive support for that?
They can send me the MS points or money back if I will not have full download?