View Full Version : Is the story better than WWE '12

II Mortis II
12-17-2012, 07:02 PM
I ask this because I was very disappointed with WWE '12 and it has put me off buying the new one. I remember playing an older game (I think it was Smackdown VS Raw '09) and you could pick your own created character or any professional wrestler and take them through the story campaign.

On WWE '12 it gave you all the exhibition matches as standard, WWE Universe (which in my opinion was pretty pointless) and Road to Wrestlemania where it put you in control of superstars chosen for you.
I found the creation options where improved a lot, but you never really had the option to take your superstar anywhere.
There was no progression because you can put all the stats to max from the beginning.

Anybody that has played both the '12 and '13 versions, could you please shed some light on this for me? Thanks.