View Full Version : Last boss - brave difficulty

12-25-2012, 08:39 PM
your on the last boss - and finding it impossibly hard?
well. my tip to you. is do not give up+ REPLAY other levels - level up your skills

The 1st part of the boss is the ice wolf thing - with enough fire power you can take him down eventually quite easy - using (b power up) and holding rt for super shot) this helps + a a and x - power bomb move

(please note if u quit u can continue from each boss beat)

2ND PART -very hard - very very hard - The Fire rhino
This part really got on my nerves it is very very hard - level up your ice skills from the shop -
power ice move straight away - stick to power ice moves and keep using rt - to dodge - away from the rhino - and the little rhinos -
the rt(hold move) will also freeze the fire enemies -
my tip is keep at it - keep using RT - around in circles avoiding at all costs -
if u are that stuck - use a 2nd controller with some one whos highly skilled. GOOD LUCK

boss 3 - the bird - not tooo bad. keep moving avoiding the purple attack.in a few goes you should get this one down - its not as hard as the rhino

PART 4- IM CURRENTLY STUCK - please help me...:confused:

iv tried killing evevything- they seem to keep spawning??? am i best off just legging it for the top?