View Full Version : Easy, Short, and Fun

01-02-2013, 12:51 AM
In the event that someone is curious about the game, here is a quick review

EASY: This game is simple. 2.5/10 difficulty The hardest challenge in the game is the 'do not drop a ball for 60 seconds', and even that is not difficult.

SHORT: It took me just a little over an hour to complete the game.

FUN: I have only played one other Kinect Sports Gem game (3 point Contest), but I have enjoyed them both.

WORKOUT: If you are looking to shed a few pounds playing Kinect games, look elsewhere then this title. You only really need to use your upper body, and quite often are just standing still.

RECOMMENDATION: For 240 MS points, I can not recommend this game. 120 MS points seems like a better price point for these Kinect Sport Gem games.

Pedle Zelnip
01-09-2013, 06:01 AM
Personally I'm down to my final two challenges:

* hit 20 fast red balls in one game
* alternate fast and slow balls for four hits

I don't understand what counts as fast or slow hits, any tips?

01-11-2013, 02:33 PM
Fast and slow hits are not how the balls are coming at you, but how you return them.

To hit a fast return, simply swing your arm very fast when you hit the ball. (I kept my arm fully extended and swung away)
To hit a slow return, I motioned my arm like I was hitting the ball downward. (Almost like you are trying to slap it down, or like you are trying to swat a fly on a table).

As expected, a fast return goes very quickly over the top of the net. A slow return floats over the net. If I remember right, a beep, or some kind of noise is made when you hit a slow, or fast hit.

Once you get the movement down you will be able to do them routinely with ease. Hopefully this helps. Good luck to all with the achievements.