View Full Version : Achievement questions

01-03-2013, 05:06 AM
Anyone no how to do the following achievements or any usefull info?

Hit 25 pedestrians with your car without stopping
I tried going in a car park and just turning in a circle knocking anyone over that stepped in front of me (didnt seem to work) if you get hit by a car and slow down do the kills still count?

Knock 2 pedestrians down with a third using the bioclaw
were do you get the bioclaw?

01-03-2013, 06:50 AM
I had troubles with the 25 pedestrian one as well, and im almost positive you cant hit other cars or buildings or anything that slows you down, driving up and down sidewalks worked best for me.

Bioclaw costs $6000 in the weapon shop, but i would recommend going into free play because you get it for free from the start and i can confirm this achievement unlocks in the free roam/play mode

01-03-2013, 07:52 AM
i demand an achievement guide! lol whos it going to be?!?!

01-03-2013, 12:03 PM
You need to get a 25x combo by flattening people. Was confusing the hell out of me as well. I eventually got it using all the soldiers that appear at the max wanted level and using the big empty space near the stadium type place.

It's not too bad once you realise it's not just running people over without stopping/slowing down.

As for the Bioclaw, I got it in one of the weapon shops. Not sure which one though.