View Full Version : Universe Mode Confusion.

Anti Wan Kenobi
01-06-2013, 03:35 AM
This is the first wrestling game I've bought in a long time (Attitude sale) and I've been looking around for an explanation of what this mode actually is. I used to like creating a wrestler and then putting him in career mode, but I'm getting the feeling that Universe Mode is more like a 'Be-The-Booker' type of mode rather than what I'm looking for.

I don't really get it, but is there any way I can just make a guy and play as him in matches that are booked for me?

01-06-2013, 06:35 AM
From what i know the only way to get to do that is just make your character and he/she will be in the cards or you can put him in any match u want. Then just start the match and play as him

01-09-2013, 07:43 AM
If you make your CAW a champ, that's about the only way I've found they'll make him in matches. There really isn't a story mode fitting what you're asking for.

Shabba Blade 1
01-12-2013, 09:44 PM
Unfortunately, with the main focus being on the Attitude era and replaying historic matches which WWE what it is today, there are no game modes that include original storylines for current superstars let alone a CAW.

As much as I have enjoyed playing this game I do miss doing a career mode with a CAW. I miss the suspense and the feeling of getting hooked into the storyline you are playing. Because in this title we are playing matches that have already happened the suspense isn't there at all.