View Full Version : Reason for release: more than just having an "RE" title for the year?

01-21-2013, 01:38 AM
Capcom has seen a release of Biohazard/Resident Evil every year since 1996. Sometimes it's just a port or re-release, other times it's brand new games...like last year...we got Revelations (on 3DS), ORC and RE6. This year is probably Revelations HD and maybe another game in there somewhere (rumors of "Operation Terrestrial Fear" and RE6: Final Hope edition, with Revelations all but "Capcom-confirmed" those are a possibility too)...

That aside, could the release of Revelations mean a return of characters FROM that game in future console titles? Such as RE7...a lot of people haven't even heard of Revelations, so Jessica and some other characters might make sense now if they release the game and people are like "wut?" when they see them.


^ mention of Terrestrial Fear, possible sequel to ORC. I personally want to see it, as I am one of the few that actually liked ORC (playing the PC version atm) and would love to see a return to it. I especially want to see more of Wolfpack.

Edit: That seems a bit jumbled. Basically, the topic here is whether or not the release of Revelations on 360/PS3 is to introduce players to the storyline and characters of that game so that when a future RE title releases with references to Revelations or even featuring the characters in it, people aren't as confused.

Takamura Bear
01-22-2013, 09:10 PM
Honestly, I couldn't say as all of those points you made could very well be a reason for Capcom's decision here. Think of it as them trying expanding that success to a bigger market on the consoles, while also giving people the opportunity to be introduced to some elements (be it characters, future story references, etc) that they otherwise "missed out" on.

I remember them being quite optimistic about the possibility of doing another game and a sequel to Revelations on the 3DS almost a few weeks after its release because of how successful it was and the (mostly) positive reception it received from fans.

People don't realize how good a game this is until they play it for themselves. It is the best (and most truest) RE title in years, hands down.

Dead Giveaway
02-01-2013, 08:05 AM
The only reason why Capcom is releasing RE:R on 360 is because I never bothered to buy a 3DS to play the game. They know I would spend $50 to get the game on the 360. I want them to do the same for RE:Mercs 3DS.

Is there a list of all the games that were released every year? I really only play the main titles & that sure as hell isn't every year.

02-01-2013, 08:15 AM
Whatever the reason, I'm always happy to play a new Resident Evil. I liked ORC a lot, I like (most) of RE6 a lot, and from what I've seen on youtube I will probably like Revelations a lot as well. Helping people stay on top of the storyline for the series is always nice, especially with how ridiculous some of the side-stories can get.


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