View Full Version : wwe royal rumble 13 results

01-28-2013, 04:06 AM
Just wanted to see what some of you thought of rumble. results are below if anyone is interested. Can't wait to see what happens on raw tomorrow. should be pretty interesting leading up to wrestlemania.
Was lovin the appearance by two old school wwf wrestlers in the rumble.

Cena and ryback where final two in the rumble. cena eliminated him for the win. Zeigler entered first Jericho 2nd they both made it to the final 6 with Cena, Ryback, Orton and Shamus. cena entered 19th.

Goldust and Godfather made appearances in the rumble goldust lasted pretty long fighting his brother (cody Rhodes) for the most part. Cody eliminated him. Godfather lasted about 4 seconds. Also Santino came in and threw 4 people over the top rope right away, none of them where eliminated and he stood in the middle cheering. when he seen all 4 role back in he called timeout and put on the snake just to get picked up and thrown over the top rope.

cm punk defeated the rock after interference by the shield.the lights went out when they attacked the rock so no one knew for sure. Vince then comes out and is about to strip punk of the title when rock gets on mic and says your not taking the title from him I am. They then proceed to restart the match.

Rock defeated cm punk with the peoples elbow.

albert defeated big show after his announcer friend duct taped show feet to the bottom rope so he couldn't stand up. was last man standing match

kane and Daniel defeated Rhodes team. after they got in little confrontation when Vicki handed them there rumble numbers in the back.
during the rumble kane eliminated someone then Daniel came behind him and eliminated kane. as Daniel was celebrating someone threw him over the top rope but kane caught him on the outside before his feet hit. if kane just took him to the apron he would be back in the rumble after a little yes, no shouting between the two kane dropped bryan on the ground.