View Full Version : There`s no 30th intel?!

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01-31-2013, 05:56 AM
I need to get 1 more Intel for 1000g but it`s no there. I`ve looked at every Intel location at least 3 times but it`s simply not there. Anyone help me with this?


01-31-2013, 06:06 AM
Can't remember exactly, but doesn't it tell you how many you have for a particular level when pausing the game on that level? If that is the case, then do that and find out which one you are missing.

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01-31-2013, 06:23 AM
Doesn`t do that on COD 4, really annoying. I am going through them for a fourth time just finishing off 'Hunted' and 'Blackout', I`m using this guide by the way:


04-13-2013, 11:48 AM
You only have a limited time to get some intels, like the first one in 'Sins of the Fathers'. Maybe you're missing that one? Or did you use cheat codes while picking one up, because that voids the achievement?