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02-07-2013, 06:32 PM
I googled this and can find nothing describing in detail how to get the achievement. There are no videos on YouTube detailing it either, so either I'm incredibly dumb or this achievement is simply not unlocking for me. It's starting to bug me.

At first I thought it meant getting a level cap +3 once I went past every checkpoint, including the final checkpoint. Thus, it would literally be a perfect finish. I've done that on multiple songs, going perfect throughout the whole song and it hasn't popped.

So then my brother suggested what the achievement guide must mean is keeping all but one of the tracks at their level cap, then once reaching the final checkpoint, pushing that one track to the level cap. I tried this. It didn't work.

I've gone through songs as normal as well, making natural mistakes and sometimes missing the level cap but ensuring I get a +3 when reaching the final checkpoint. Nothing.

I don't understand what this achievement wants me to do...? How did you guys get this? Because I've tried everything just through natural gameplay and going out of my way to figure it out and... nothing. :confused:

02-08-2013, 03:56 AM
You basically have to full combo a song to get this achievement. When you're on the song selection screen, change the sorting to difficulty and try some of the warm-up ones. Make sure you have the level cap maxed before every checkpoint.

The way this achievement works is you have to gold star the song and max out the level cap. If you missed a level at a previous checkpoint, you might as well restart the song or pick a different one.

Felonious Monk
02-15-2013, 03:02 PM
...n-no? From the guide:

Don't get too confused by the description here. What the level cap is intended to be is the 'final' multiplier before the end of the song. Get all your instruments up to the highest multiplier at that point, and this should unlock.

So after the final checkpoint in the song, ensure that all tracks are completely expanded.

Like this:


Not like this:


I recommend a song with as few tracks as possible with a decent sized outro. To get this achievement you won't also necessarily be going for a high score since you're compromising raising the level across all tracks rather than, say, focusing on your Super Instrument track.

You do not need to 100%, FC or Gold Star the song to get this achievement. Just make all the tracks after the final checkpoint in the song appear like the first picture.

03-22-2013, 05:45 AM
As above posted, that explanation is correct. You do not need to FC the song you're playing.

Example; one song has a max of x36 multiplier, you can sit there until the final checkpoint, get x4 on all instruments (if possible), and this counts as a 'perfect' combo.