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10-28-2007, 01:30 AM
in battle mode in sudden death when u use the powerup things y does one always lower before the other...? me and my brother were playing and we would deploy them at the same time but i would always lose because it would lower down on mine first, so how do you win?

10-28-2007, 01:42 AM
Every missed note lowers it faster. Don't miss notes, and it only moves VERY slowly. Atleast that's my understanding of it.

10-28-2007, 02:24 AM
Are you playing on the same difficulty level? I read that for whatever reason, if you activate death drain at the same time, and neither player misses a note, the player on the lower difficulty will always win.

10-28-2007, 03:12 AM
well i was on easy cause i was using controller and he was on medium with the guitar so it would be fair and we both missed no nots and i always lost...