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Incorrigible Space Cadet
10-30-2007, 04:49 AM

I nearly smashed my wireless controller to pieces after I died like 10 times straight on trying to activate the third memory bank. I just couldn't shake those damn oblivion lookin creatures and activate the terminal. They would just rape me. I noticed something funny too, the full upgrade achievement for nightcrawler is 5 more points higher than wolverines which is the last mission of the game (125 vs. 120 points). It's definately the only hard aspect of this game, sabretooth wasnt too bad I think I got him in two attempts.

Ok, to start with: You should seriously have completed all of nightcrawlers other missions on superhero and have upgraded him all the way before attempting this final mission on superhero! I upgraded all his stats all the way and the only one that was missing an upgrade was the kick attack or whatever (Y button heavy attack). Some of the tips I'm about to provide may have been covered in either the guide or other threads, but there are some (I hope) new or possibly more thoroughly described tips that I used to finally beat this crap mission and get my full thousand GS. Most of these tips you won't really need to worry about until the last memory bank with the 6 required crystals.



- Do not attack those enemies that are teleporting around AT ALL until you've broken all the required crystals for each terminal to activate. It is a waste of health, and on the last terminal it is extremely important to not lose a scrap of health until youre done with the 6 crystals and ready to fight those teleporting creatures.

- It has been mentioned that you should NOT stop teleporting basically the entire mission. You can only stop teleporting when you break all of the required crystals and then defeat those enemies because they will stop respawning momentarily. Recover your health during this period and get the collectables if you still need them. At these points, inbetween activating memory banks (when enemies are defeated), you will have all of the time in the world! No damage can be done to you so cool down and wait for your pulse to return to non-heart attack level, wipe the sweat from your controller and what not.

- The best way that I found to quickly break the crystals and lose little to no health: Teleport around and do a jump off of whatever youre currently clinging to in the direction of the crystal. For instance, if youre on one of those tentacle-looking pole structures, jump from it and then RUN up to the crystal youre working on taking out. I found that using any other method to break the crystals other than THREE LIGHT ATTACKS (x button attacks) is bad news. You risk getting gang raped by those teleporting enemies. You want to break a crystal and be teleporting away almost instantly after you press "X" the third time. When you do the jump towards the crystal make sure you aim up nicely, there isnt much room for error. If youre still having trouble because those damn creatures keep getting in your way, try this: Teleport yourself as far away as you can get from the crystal that you need to break, then wait a second. As soon as you see one of the creatures appear near you, start teleporting away immediately towards the crystal and try to be quick. Aim the camera while you wait for the first enemy to appear near you! This is important, make sure the camera angle is facing the destination (the crystal)! Take the shortest route to it and tap the teleport button like crazy and those things should be a bit farther away from you when you land. This should give you the short amount of time you need to break the crystal if youre having trouble with a particular one.

MOST IMPORTANT TIPS FOR THIS MISSION: The following suggestions are for the worst part of this mission, the third memory bank. At this point (after destroying the 6 crystals) I kept dying over and over countless times attempting to defeat those !@#@%*^ creatures and end the mission.

- Using the tips I provided in the first part, destroy the 6 crystals. Try to lose as little health as possible! You really want to not lose any health at all. Those creatures are ridiculously overpowered when you first attempt to fight them.

- What you DO NOT want to do here is try and start fighting them 3 on 1 (It may be that there are 4 of them, I dont remember exactly because they keep teleporting off of the screen). It simply cant be done and if you try it you will be restarting the mission in about 5 seconds flat. They will basically all attack you at the same time and your health will be gone in what is effectively a combined three hits in one attack.

- Start teleporting in a circular pattern that takes you around the edge of the level but try to stay somewhat close to the middle. You wont need to be including the far ends of the level in this circlular pattern. What this should do is bunch up the enemies a bit in the middle of the level. In the middle there is a stretch of land that doesnt have any objects to get in your way when you try to attack one of these creatures. You will know what I'm talking about because there is a thin strip of horizontal brown land stretching across over this area. Keep teleporting in this circle-like pattern and then at one point teleport to the thin strip of land over almost the dead center of the level and then wait a second or two. Aim the camera towards the ground a bit. You should see the first of these creatues appear somewhere underneath of you. Jump from the thin piece of land and do your teleport attack while youre in mid-air! You should appear behind one of them. This is the attack you should have been using on these things all along. It teleports you behind the enemy and places you in the air. Use a long string of light attacks (x button). You will see nightcrawler slowly drifting closer to the ground while he is performing the string of light attacks. When he eventually lands you could try to do this a second time on another enemy that is nearby BUT, I strongly suggest you teleport away from here as quickly as possible! Repeat this process and you will see them SLOWLY drop off one by one. What you are trying to do is weaken them and pick them off seperately. The damage accumulates on each enemy.

- LAST TIP: Even when using the method above you will still most likely lose almost all of your health at some point during this last fight. However, you CAN recover your health while these enemies are still in the level. This is tricky but I will try to explain. This strategy worked for me and I was able to recover my full health bar or nearly all of it. When you get low on health get the hell away from those things with rapid teleports! What you want to do it teleport yourself to the far reaches of the level. This is similar to the strategy I explained with the crystals. Teleport yourself to either of the far ends of the level, it is shaped roughly like a rectangle. You may need to go back and forth a few times. You may need to teleport all over the place quickly for a bit to get these things chasing you in a somewhat close group (yes I know it's hard because you can't see them theyre still on the map at all times theyre just invisible). Just put some space between you and them. OK, get to one of the far ends of the level. You need to use good camera control here. Aim the camera towards the opposite end. Now wait until one appears near you and then start teleporting to the other end of the level as quick as you can! You are going to put a LARGE amount of space between you and them. So what you can do once you get to the opposite end of the level is hit your health recovery and wait. You should be able to regenerate almost the full bar or the whole thing. Keep alert during this period of recharge! As soon as you see one appear, teleport away from there and resume the attack strategy I described.


11-04-2007, 01:33 PM
That's weird I found this pretty easy but felt beating Sabertooth really tough.. Maybe I got a lucky run with this one.

04-10-2009, 08:06 AM
My friend who borrowed me the game warned me about this mission, but I found it extremely easy if you just keep pressing B to teleport behind the enemy and then getting 3 quick hits off using XXX and the pressing B again to change positions. I barely got hit even once the entire level. This game had its frusterating parts for sure, but I don't think this was one of them.

05-04-2009, 09:19 AM
There is an easier way to break the crystals. You can lock onto the crystals and do a teleportation attack on themand then immediately teleport to the next guardian crystal without having ever touched the ground and leaving yourself open to attack by the clones

04-09-2010, 09:59 AM
I read your tips before I tried the mission and tbh you made me s**t bricks when I started it.

I don't know if it was your tips or if I got lucky but I didn't really find it hard at all. Thanks for your help though :woop: