View Full Version : Getting the apprentice achievement

Bajan Elite
10-30-2007, 02:54 PM
I see in the guide it states getting this achievement as semi-hard but in truth it isn't here's a very easy to get it, when u start off as Alucard u meet up with gaint wolves once u kill them outside u head into the castle, now walk along the hallway for a bit so the zombies start showing up now instead of going forward head back towards the entrance to the castle, u should see a lil steps, now just go up on the steps and let the zombies come to you, when they reach infront of the steps the go back into the ground so u wont have to worry about getting hit, now just unleash your hellfire spell and kill them dont worry about running out cause ya magic slowly regenerates, now i know using the summon takes less magic but the hellfire can kill more than one so if u have about 3 or 4 zombies heading at you then u get 3-4 kills with one attack, u can get this achievement in under a minute and u wont have to worry about any zombies spawning behind u and attacking while u using ur spell.