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11-02-2007, 05:12 PM
Since some ideas are being suggested quite frequently and the Feedback forum is becoming quite lengthy this thread contains a list of previous suggestions to save you the agony of searching (because everyone knows how painful it is). Regularly posted suggestions will be added to the list, so be sure to check here before posting your own idea or search just to be safe.

If you spot any suggestions that are missing then PM me a list and they will be added. And it will be more snazzy when I'm done, so don't worry about the massive list.

- Award for completing games
- Award for length of forum membership
- Staff badges/awards
- Award for writing reviews
- Award for winning official competitions
- Award for submitting game cheats
- Award for being a parent
- Award for finishing a game first
- Award for referrals

- Sticky threads shown in a drop down menu
- Forum 'Organisers' to moderate forums
- Forum archive to banish old threads
- Better location of last post shown on forums
- MEMBER REVIEWS/RATINGS (it'll never happen)
- Dedicated forum for News
- Bringing back the Red Room
- Suggestion feedback/poll to show support for ideas
- A smilie with $ signs (seriously)
- Recommendation threads (x360a essentials =P)
- Clan forums that allow recruiting
- Threads for achievement length (see achievement ratings also)
- Dedicated Music forum
- Separate forums under Garage Sale for different types of items
- More detailed Game Info threads
- Adding spoiler tags to the forums
- Requirements for requesting items from the Media forums
- Dedicated forum for glitches
- Dedicated thread for upcoming arcade releases
- Dedicated forum for general game discussion
- Game Opinion sticky
- Rent or buy threads added to game forums
- Dedicated thread for broken links
- Member timezones added to avatar boxes
- This thread
- Trading in Garage Sale ie swapping things
- Restrictions on sig size (500 x 500)
- Dedicated forum for spam
- Separate sub-forums for UK and USA in Garage Sale forums

- Public ratings for games
- Public ratings for achievements (How difficult, how quick etc.)
- MS Points convertor on the homepage
- XBLM content previews shown on the site (screenshots, gamerpics, themes)
- Completed games list in personal profiles
- Achievement lists split into online and offline unlockability
- Link to leaderboards in game forums
- Rearrange the 'New Posts' page to show forum and thread columns adjacent
- Site 'Historian' to record the history of the site
- Maximum clubs shown on game pages
- My360Achievements sorted by ticked/unticked
- Review section for hardware/technology
- Review section for Arcade titles
- Links to official game sites/developer sites shown on game screen
- Ability to submit news stories
- My360Achievements save button at the top of achievement checklists
- Public ratings in official reviews
- 'Discuss this on our forums' link linking to correct forums
- Achievement list for forum awards
- Adding European release dates to the Upcoming list
- Adding game trailers to the site
- Review comparisons with other websites
- Official site clans
- Guide ratings and comments
- My360Achievements checklists shown in guides/tickboxes in guides
- Online gaming tips for each game, not achievement related
- Prices for retail games shown on the site
- Non-achievement guides for games
- Official x360a merchandise
- Adding an online arcade to the site
- Maximum clubs for gaming franchises
- Link from the leaderboards to the sign up thread
- Gamertag passwords needed to link them to forum profiles
- Different sorting options for reviews
- Dedicated area of the site for new members with tutorials and FAQs
- Official x360a sig-makers
- Dedicated team for adding screenshots
- Referrals counting towards 'Spreading the word' award
- Separating achievement lists into regular, secret and DLC sections
- Adding release dates to the calendar
- An option to search for achievements
- Registration required to view site content
- Walkthroughs for games as well as achievement guides

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