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11-05-2007, 04:16 PM
Some of them are extremely easy, but for example the enter the cheatrix one is insane, i have no idea on how to complete this one?

Any ideas, advice?

BT X360
11-05-2007, 05:43 PM
Enter The Cheatrix is with the old game chars, right?

As you noticed Bart life goes down very quickly if hit by enemies. I did the following (with succes after a few tries):
- As soon as you start, start shooting at the first karate guy (this way he can't shoot) till he dies.
- Free the 1st char and get the laser helmet
- Go on the 'bridge' and shoot as much enemies as possible on your LEFT side.
- Go ahead and shoot the football player with your catapult.
- Shoot the karateguy and the 2nd 1 (which comes jumping down). Press the button on the door (I dont know if this neccesary, but it cant hurt).
- Climb the pole and get the 2nd char.
- Go on the roof and shoot some enemies, be careful they dont hit you.
Now comes the hard part:
- Jump down, get the laserhelmet, push the door-button, shoot as many as enemies as possible and continue underneath the 'hammer-machine'.
- Free the third char (soniclike).
- You can choose to push the door-button here, but I didnt.
- Go up the circular roof
- go right on a flat roof and free the 4th char
- go back on the circular roof, go all the way to the back, on the roof is the 5th char.
Now comes the 2nd tricky part:"
- Go back and jump to your LEFT. The laser helmet you picked up should be respawned, otherwise wait a little at the far side of the big roof.
- Get it and hurry once again under the 'hammer-machine'.
- Go past the circular roof and RIGHT (dont fall in the blood)
- Sprint to the last char. Half way down your helmet (and your invunerability) dies down.
- Just try jumping to the end (lowers your chances of getting hit by a fire-, ice-, football).
- As soon as you get near the 6th char, you got it!

11-05-2007, 06:05 PM
i actually, just ignored the enemies, ran for the slaves and picked up the invinsibility before i died, it took awile, but if you work out a good route and plan it works a treat!

11-05-2007, 06:26 PM
Mario - On the platform near the beggining
Koopa 1 - After you climb the Yellow and Black pole it's on the conveyor belt with NO enemies on.
Sonic - Grab the robolaser, shut the door off kill all enemies, when you past the green goo with he's near the crates.
Koopa 2 - It's on top of the spawn door near the robobart
Koopa 3 - Near the 2nd lever.