View Full Version : Easy way to beat Damon Zakarov on HB

11-28-2007, 05:14 PM
This worked pretty well. Just do the usual running back and forth shooting him until he drops the metal beam that you're supposed to run up (usually around 1/4 to half his life is gone.) At this point, run down to the center area and stay close to Damon. You can see his shadow through the floor that he's standing on. He'll start throwing tons of grenades at you, but they just bounce on the floor at his feet and blow him up. You have to be a little careful, as some of the grenades can roll down to you. Every so often, if he's close to the edge, move back a little and you can cheap shot him a few times, then he'll start grenading himself again.

It still takes him a while to kill himself though. Just try to keep moving and stick close to the stone wall. Hope this helps.