View Full Version : City of Lights - Pest Control Locations

Jag Bros
12-17-2007, 09:12 AM
Locations of Pest Control :

(City Of Lights)

** All Pest Controls Are Located on Roof **

1. Just as you get off tightrop when you get onto roof, go left right down past the tomato cans by all the pipes. Jump over the pipe and jump onto window ledge. Follow to end where ledge seperates and fence in between. Climb on it as far up as you can and double jump onto the next ledge where it will lead you to your FIRST PEST CONTROL.

2. Go back the way you came from. Before you jump over the first pipe you jumped; you can notice if you look to the left; on the vent right above you is the second Pest control. To get there go right back to where you got onto the roof by the tight ropes, go up the plank and make your way through the small "obsticle". Knock down the metal pipe and jump on the ball behind the olives and tomato can. Ride the ball across the wooden plank straight into this wood-like shack and turn left. Straight over the next set of planks is your SECOND PEST CONTROL.

3. Go back to where you got onto the roof from the tightrope, straight ahead you can see a fan blowing and ants crawling, take the right side of the slow blowing fan and tadaa; your THIRD PEST CONTROL.